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alicet has 30 years experience and specializes in LTC,Psych,MedSurg,Travel,Corrections.

feel like a lost soul since injured

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  1. alicet


    Thank you so much i am feeling better today, i am trying to pull myself out, and looking into other jobs i can do with my physical limitations, i have made an appointment for a psychsiatrist. I also talked with a friend who is a social worker. Thank you again. Alicet
  2. alicet


    I think i have finally hit the bottom, i am very depressed. I sometimes think of ways of ending all to figure i am to scared to try it what will happen if it doesn't work. I am in so much pain, i have chronic pain from my neck and shoulder injury, i have nerve damage that makes it feel like i am on fire most of the time, my fingers are numb with pin and needle sensations i find myself sad and crying most of the time, i haven't worked a job since August of 2009. I can't do nursing anymore i feel like a failure, hopeless, helpless, and lost. I dont know what kind of work i can do now i was an LVN, but i cant lift more than 25 pounds constantly. My case was settled so i have no doctor no insurance and no job. i was on meds but i dont have those no more my Lyrica, Ambien, and Hydrocodone. I dont sleep but if lucky 3 to 5 hours a night, i have got into a mess. Sorry for bothering you with my problems. Thanks, Alice
  3. I have been seeing positions for LVN case managers utilization review lvns how do you get the certifications or experience to apply for these positions is there anyone out there that knows?
  4. thanks for the info
  5. alicet

    traveling lpn

    I am a LVN trying to go with a travel agency working through the CA state prisons, my speciality is Med Surg, and LTC. Thanks for the info. I have been waiting almost amonth for a gate clearence and it never arrives acoording to my recruiter, he says it takes awhile but now I think I might be getting the runaround just to keep me on board in case something happens to come in.
  6. alicet

    Traveling Correctional Nurse in California?

    Thanks for the info, I have been waiting for a gate clearance so I don't really know at this point, I am starting to wonder if I am getting the run around from the agency.:angryfire
  7. alicet

    traveling lpn

    I work for a company that is hiring lpn's for correctional work in the jails. If that is interesting let me know I will give you the contact info for them.
  8. alicet

    Traveling Correctional Nurse in California?

    I do know of one company that is looking for travelers right now for CA state prisons. Pay etc sounds good.
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to get a gate clearance to work in the CA prison?
  10. Hi, I am looking into traveling with travelmax at the CA state prisons either Soledad, Salanis, Kern, or Avenal. Has anyone done this assignment with Travelmax? How is the work? How is the housing? The Travelmax recruiter tells me everyone keeps extending is this true? Any information would be helpful. Thank You, Alicet:uhoh21:
  11. alicet

    How does a new grad get a job in this state?

    I am a new lpn.
  12. alicet

    Is there REALLY a nursing shortage?

    Don't worry it will be OK Nevada
  13. alicet

    How do you get IV certified?

    I am going to try just that thank you
  14. alicet

    How does a new grad get a job in this state?

    I am in Reno, but it just doesn't seem like anyone wants to give me the time of day. I applied at Renown, and I went to different skilled nursing homes, applied at the VA.
  15. I am a new grad and everywhere I went looking for a job they told me they didn't have time to train. How do I go about getting exerience to get a job if noone will give me the chance?
  16. alicet

    Finding an LPN job w/ benefits loosing battle

    In NV, it is the same I keep getting the we don't have time to train you routine