I am graduating from school in December and will have a BSN. From reading this site I have learned that traveling fresh out of school is not a very smart thing to do, but I really would like to move. What I'm wondering is, are there any agencies that would set up a new grad with a place to live, place to work, and help with the licensure in a new state? I would sign a contract for a year or two. I want to make sure I get the orientation a new nurse needs and that would be lacking in a 3 month travel assignment.

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There are few jobs, and dozens or more new grads/experienced nurses for each job. Thus, there is very little reason to offer an inexperienced nurse extra benies to move, take a job. And many facilities are requiring a 1-3 year commitment just for offering a new nurse a job.

Thus, there is little reason for a facility to offer what you are requesting. Though some may offer it, but without experience,, offers may be few and far between.


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I would never hire a new grad if I owned a travel agency. That would just be dumb. It is so dangerous. There are so many questions I even have as a new grad and I have so many consistent good coworkers that I fall back on to help me. Last thing I would need is to be around a bunch of nurses I dont have any relationship with.


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I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone that's going to help with moving expenses and housing. I moved as a new grad to find a job (and I wanted to leave anyway), but I did it on my own, found an apartment near the hospitals I wanted to apply to and made it work.

Best of luck!