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I am weighing all the pros and cons of traveling and would like some help. I would like to know what is the most take home pay that some of you have brought home as a traveler and the hours you... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    You will need two years of experience minimum in the OR for any reputable faciluity, and many are wanting even more. You have so much to see and learn, get that under your belt first to where you feel completely comfortable with any type of case being placed in your room.
  2. by   mewmeow
    Rural location???
    What agency??
    what kind of work did you do???
  3. by   jsixxerrn
    chinle arizona, pediatrics, medical staffing network
  4. by   mytoon38
    The assignment is in Philadelphia
  5. by   swater
    Do you mind telling which agengy this was from and are you an RN? Because I am leaving for Hawaii Kona to be exact in 3 weeks and I am not geting very much reimbursement for rental car or airline ticket.

    Quote from texastraveler
    The most I have brought home in one week is $2400/wk. I worked 54/hrs that week. I had fully furnished private housing, rental car and travel pay. If I only work 40 hrs. I bring home around $1300/wk.
  6. by   Melody1968
    Quote from RN2travel
    THe most I ever got before taxes was $4128, that was working an 84 hour week. I try to do that once or twice each assignment! I allways contract for 48 hours a week, and will work OT when I feel like it.
    I know that is alot of money but what was it AFTER taxes....I bet Uncle Sam loves you! Mel
  7. by   WindyhillBSN
    This is great information! Thanks everyone for being specific. Many don't like to be specific about pay. Thanks!
  8. by   dixiegirl
    I am moving to TN from Pa. I thought about travel nursing but I have to work around my husband's schedule. Can u pick ur on hours, or do the hospital decides when u work ?
  9. by   nightingale
    Quote from dixiegirl
    I am moving to TN from Pa. I thought about travel nursing but I have to work around my husband's schedule. Can u pick ur on hours, or do the hospital decides when u work ?
    It would be difficult to get a Travel Contract where you pick your schedule. Perhaps, if you just wanted weekends them maybe you would get lucky.

    What might work better, if available in the area you are moving to, is Agency Nursing where you could work Per Diem Shifts. Sometime, you will get lucky and can "block book" on the staff schedule for shifts you are willing to work; you still work through the Agency.

    Perhaps you can see what is up in the area you are moving to over at the PA Nurses Forum. Here is the link:

    PA Nurses Forum

    Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  10. by   stephanieindc
    i'm a bit late to the thread but i averaged about 3100 every 2 weeks after taxes in san francisco. i was receiving the housing subsidy and paid for my own apartment. there's a lot of money to be made in the bay area.
  11. by   sandals
    i am surprised to hear such focus on pay. from what i see about travel companies, they all pretty much offer the same thing. am i not correct that if you want no benefits, you get paid more. if they are setting up your housing, you get paid less. so doesnt it all work out the same in the end.
  12. by   stephanieindc
    actually, the hourly rates don't change when you accept the company's housing. when i went to california and opted to find my own housing, i ended up in the same apartment building that my company was placing travelers. i rented a furnished apartment with the same amenities provided to the travelers for about $800 less per month than the housing subsidy offered. i used to think that things would eventually even themselves out between companies until another company offered me the same job at the same hospital i was working at for $1.50 less hourly and $600 less in the housing subsidy. there wasn't a difference in the healthcare benefits that i could see. no bonuses, no special perks... the companies aren't equal. pay plays a large part in most nurses' reasons for travel.
  13. by   sandals
    wow i did not know that
    so i guess the bigger companies can charge the hospital so much that they can afford to pay that
    thanks for the info, this is very intriguing to me