What do you get for over time?

  1. I get an extra $5.00 an hour when I work OT. What do you get? Am I getting hosed?

    I'm waiting for my next assignment contract to come through and I did my best to get an increase on my OT rate because I know that I will be working a lot more OT. But the recruiter gets really upset when I ask for an increase (even though they are keeping $63.00 an hour above what I get).

    Maybe it's time to look for a new agency?

    Any info appreciated, Doug
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  3. by   Kymmi
    If you are saying you are not getting time a a half for overtime then yes...you are getting hosed.
  4. by   Mayflye
    I'm going to go with hosed too.
  5. by   WyoRN3
    You need a new agency and fast. I can not believe you're not getting time and a half.
  6. by   duggram
    Thanks for the comments. I only have a week left on this assignment and I have the next one pretty much in place. A little tough to change now. During the next 13 weeks I am going to work on a new agency.
  7. by   housemomma
    time and half for ot.
    Some states OT is everyhting over 40 hrs per week and I believe Cali is everything over 8 hr per day
  8. by   uahrn915
    Your getting hosed and a half.
    My first assignment is in California and it is anything over 8 each day gets time+a half.

  9. by   Charge205
    When I work over 8 hours I get time and a half.
    When I get asked to work when someone calls in its called premium time and I get paid time and 3/4.
  10. by   traumaqueen74
    I LOVE travel nursing, so I really hate to hear of experiences like someone not being paid properly for OT. What company are you with? They deserve to be outed! Finish your assignment, get your money from them, and then file a wage claim. You are entitled to 1.5 no matter what you signed.
  11. by   Charge205
    I think you misunderstood me. I do get 1.5 (time and 1/2) I have no complaints with my company.. I get paid time and 3/4 premium time example: if you make 20.00 per hour half of that is 10 dollars right? so you make 30 dollars a hour.. I make time and 3/4 a hour for working when some one calls in ( If I stay and work) I say its a great wage
  12. by   traumaqueen74
    I am not sure if I was clear, but was replying to Doug. Hope I didn't confuse the thread.
  13. by   ERRNTraveler
    I always get at LEAST time & a half for OT, and on some assignments with my company, I've gotten double time for OT- makes for some very nice pay checks!