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I just wanted to make a thread dedicated to the companies. Which one do you use? How long have you used them? What do you like about them?... Read More

  1. by   sandals
    since i see "free housing" on all of the travel blogs, do they get a 1099 at the end of the year? are you then left paying taxes on that "free" housing?
  2. by   ngingi

    Does Anyone Know Anything About Avant Healthcare Professional I Thik They Had A Lik With Geneva Healthcare. Good Or Bad Is Useful Just Joined Them.
  3. by   ReeseW
    where in cali are you located? are you satisfied w/ the pay? what hospital do you recommend out there?
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  4. by   ReeseW
    awesome website. i'm an rn of two years and would like to go to cali this summer. i'm looking for bone marrow transplant &/or oncology positions. will look into Aureus.
  5. by   sandals
    40-45 dollars an hour plus free private housing sounds very good
    do they pay the housing or reimburse you for it?
    is it in the form of a 1099 or counted toward your wages?
  6. by   sandals
    that is very good advice.
    we will start local and maybe add one state at a time
    i understand your point about a specialty nurse not being able to find much work in a smaller company
    what specialty is most needed out there?
  7. by   ffmedicrn
    Anyone hear of Reflectx? (just wondered if they were another company and merged or something) thanks
  8. by   AU-RN1969
    Axis Healthcare Staffing is the company I'm with. I have to say that so far, I'm very pleased. Compared to what most travelers with other companies are making, I'm getting bank. The accomodations are excellent as well. Just finished a stint in California and they even picked up the rental car, which is something other companies are "iffy" about from what I'm told. Any company though can be great if you are getting what you want out of the deal.
  9. by   aberrn
    How long have you been with Axis?. I have just accepted an assignment with them in CA.Did you have any problems at all?.
  10. by   AU-RN1969
    I have been with them since June of 2006. They have been super for me. I always have great pay and benefits. They have placed me everywhere that I have wanted to be so far. The only place I hated was the one I went to in California and it was because I was one of the first they placed there so even they weren't aware of things there. Where in California are you going?
  11. by   aberrn
    Hollister,about 40 miles East of Monteray.It's a 9 bed ER that sees approx 50 pts/day. Kinda looking forward to the rest as where I am now we see approx 200/day. Where were you?.
  12. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I love On Assignment. They provide a car, good housing with all the housewares and linens you need. I fly in and unpack and then go to the grocery store with my GPS leading the way lol.
  13. by   FLIPA
    Has anyone had a travel assignment in OB/Mother-Baby? Any companies with good assignments for that speciality? Also, any info on travel assignments in Florida would be helpful. Thanks.