Walk-through States

  1. Anyone know what states are walk-through for the temp license? I'm not talking about the Compact states. I mean the ones you show up at the BON with your paperwork and money and walk out with a temp permit.

    These are the states I have heard are, but have not verified. If you know one of these states are WRONG please let me know. If you have any to add please post that, too. Thanks

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  3. by   suzanne4
    AZ is actually about 48 hours until you can pick up the temporary license, unless you have been licensed there in the past, then it is immediate.
  4. by   nightingale
    Colorado and Hawaii too!

    Here is the link for the National Counsel of the State Board of Nursing (NCSBN):


    You may click on any of the links for speciic information about each state.
  5. by   swimer
    So...let me get this straight. I can go to California, for instance, and walk out with a temp permit?? I have an Ohio LPN license. If I get a "temp" does that mean I would be able to work that same day or next??? I am looking into doing traveling and need other state licensures....
    ~~Still Confused...please help~~
  6. by   KatieBell
    Yes, as long as you arrive with the proper documentation. It isn;t just show up with an out of state nursing license and boom, you are licensed, you need to bring along all the things that the BON requires- like transcripts or birth certificates or whatnot.

    Alaska is not a walk through state officially, but I've heard you can schedule an appointment and get it done in one day.