traveling with husband & child ?

  1. H, Just wondering if there is anybody out there that travels with their spouse & children? I have a 13 yr old daughter and my husband and I are looking into traveling in a few years after I get some expierence. My husband is unable to work due to medical issues so we are probally going to home-school her for the last few years of school which by the way she is looking foward to. Can anybody recommend a web based accredited program that is NOT religious based. Also because we are a family we are going to need a 2 bedroom. How much extra do they charge you in your contract for that extra room and the family medical insurance. Any info would be great. Thank you
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  3. by   Mais-Rose
    Hi everyone. Blessings to all. This thread is well needed, thanks for starting it. I have pretty much the same question. Can someone please answer this query? What is the likelihood of travelling successfully if you have a family? Has anyone ever done it? What kind of strain does it put on your children or spouse and how do you overcome it? I really thought of travelling for many years but keep postponing it. My kids are a bit older now and quite self-sufficient, but still young enough for me to be wary of leaving them. My husband would do a fine job without me, but it feels like abandonment. Or maybe I can bring them along. Any thoughts on this? Thanks much.
  4. by   ERRNTraveler
    Keep in mind that by moving every 3 months, your children will not really be able to develop any lasting friendships with other kids their age. Sure, they can make short-term friends or keep in touch with friends via phone or internet, but that's just not the same.
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    i have a friend who traveled for a year with her husband and two children. "don" had a debilitating disease that was only going to get worse, so they decided to see the country while he was still able to travel. don homeschooled the kids while "sue" worked. all four of them proclaimed it to be a wonderful experience. their kids were younger than yours, though -- i think 8 and 10.

    high school is an important time in a child's life, though. you may want to think about waiting until she's through high school and into college.

    i traveled with my husband, but he's a nurse. we had an extra bedroom in our apartment for when the child (who lives with her mother) would visit. the company gave us a hard time about that, but with both of us working i think they made out pretty well on us!
  6. by   Blue IIs
    My children are grown so I've been traveling. My husband does not travel with me as we have horses and dogs and he has a good job. My husband hates to travel but knows how much I love to so he is ok with it as long as I come home at least twice during an assignment. I was working 135 miles from home when I had a full time job because there was no place closer for the kind of unit I enjoyed working in. At that time he also traveled with his job so we didn't see much of each other anyway. This way works for us.
  7. by   bagladyrn
    In reference to your specific questions, I travel alone, but frequently get a 2 bedroom if I am in an area where I anticipate many visitors, such as FL or if I plan for someone to spend part of the contract with me. Usually I pay between 200 - 250 more per month to have this, split up over each month's paychecks. I have, on occasion, gotten a 2 or even 3 bedroom place without extra charge in cases where that is all that is available in the area for rent. (I do a lot of small towns and rural areas).