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  1. Blue IIs

    Hospital cancelled my contract!?!

    Amen to that. I travel to be there for my family as they are scattered from Alaska to Florida. I have a gyspy soul and love to travel. There is so much in this beautiful country of ours to see and do and I'm very fortunate to have a job that allows me to see the world. I did not become a nurse for the money and in 19 years that has not changed. In most of the hospitals I have been to, there have been major issues from nurse manager up to administration. It is nice to be able to go and do my job for 13 weeks and know I don't have to deal with all the problems the regular staff has to deal with. Just as not everyone wants to be an ICU nurse, OB nurse, or Med/Surg nurse (or whatever your specialty is), not everyone wants to be regular staff. It is a good thing there is enough room in the nursing industry to need both regular staff and travelers.
  2. Blue IIs

    Pet Deposit Question...Oh, and Health Insurance.

    I travel with my australian shepherd. She weighs about 60 pounds. So far I have not had any problems and have stayed in very decent apartments. I did have one agency tell me I shouldn't bring her because they were having problems finding something. I told them they needed to find something or I wouldn't take the contract. They found a nice apartment.
  3. I have been traveling for nearly two years and I love it. My family is spread from Alaska to Florida and traveling has allowed me to be there for them. I was present when my granddaughter was born and when my daughter lost her husband to the war in Iraq. I have worked in both good hospitals and bad. Assignments are usually 13 weeks so if the hospital is not what you want, you are only there for 13 weeks. One word of advice: don't extend until you know how the assignment is going to go. I still keep in contact with friends from most of my assignments. I was scared to start but I knew with the first assignment that I had made the right decision for me (and my first assignment did not start out very well). Traveling has helped me to become more independent, assertive and more confident. Good luck to you, Tricia
  4. Blue IIs

    looking for a link, pls help

    You may also want to try travelnursingcentral.com.
  5. Blue IIs

    moving, housing stipends, and commuting, sort of

    Last summer I went home to Montana and worked 135 miles from home. My contract stipulated my shifts be three in a row so I could do just that. Initially, I stayed in hotels around the hospital and most of them had special rates for traveling nurses. I ended up staying with another nurse, paying her $50.00/week and we became great friends. Because I was 135 miles from my home address, I was able to get the housing stipend tax free. I had worked at the hospital before I started traveling but had none of the benefits so this was a nice arrangement for me.
  6. Blue IIs

    Hospital cancelled my contract!?!

    I started working in a smaller hospital in NC. My son-in-law was killed in Iraq so I left to be with my daughter. I kept in contact with my recruiter and nurse manager. Originally my contract was to end Dec. 18. I was suppose to start back Oct 1st but the hospital wanted me to be on-call for Christmas. When I told them I needed to be available for my daughter and six month granddaughter but I would extend my contract into January to make up the time, I was told the hospital understood but they were going to cancel my contract. I tried to find out if I was entitled to my travel money because the hospital cancelled the contract but I haven't been able to get any information from the agency. I have since started a new assignment and have basically marked this experience up to another lesson learned and have moved on. I had heard good things about this agency but I won't go back with them.
  7. Blue IIs

    Regular staff members are so snotty to me, the traveler

    Take heart as not all staff at other hospitals are like that. I think a lot depends on where you work. I have worked in very traveler friendly hospitals more than not. I hope this does not change your mind about traveling because it can be a great experience. Take care, Tricia
  8. Blue IIs

    Telemed Travel Company

    I am currently doing my second assignment with TaleMed. My first was this last summer in MT. Then I went to NC and they couldn't find an assignment for me so I went with another agency. I was at my job for less than a week and my son-in-law was killed in Iraq. I have been with my daughter. When I told the agency I was with I needed Christmas off to be with my daughter because this will be my granddaughter's first Christmas, the hospital cancelled my contract. TaleMed called me a couple days after my son-in-law was killed. My recruiter was very upset. Ken called me Oct. 3 to find out how my daughter and I were doing. I told him I was looking for a job near Arlington. He told me he had a hospital, called them, called me to tell me they were going to call, I interviewed that day and he called me back the next day and I had the assignment. They are also giving me a two bedroom apt. in Laurel so my daughter and granddaughter can come and stay with me. They are a small company but they were right there when I needed them. The agency I was with has not called me back or responded to my e-mails. This has been a very trying time and TaleMed has been very helpful to me. If I can be of any help, just let me know, Tricia Alexander
  9. Blue IIs

    Travel nursing, anyone?

    I believe I have Gypsy blood so I started traveling almost two years ago. I have been with five different agencies. It is hard to say which is the best. It depends on where you want to go, what type of benefits you want. Research any company you are interested in. There are online sites where travelers rate companies and some hospitals. I personally have found that I like to stay with the smaller companies. From my experience with large companies, it is easier to get lost in the shuffle. There are too many people to deal with. I hope this helps. Traveling can be a great way to see the country, see your family, make new friends, and make money while doing it. Good luck and enjoy, Tricia
  10. Blue IIs

    traveling with husband & child ?

    My children are grown so I've been traveling. My husband does not travel with me as we have horses and dogs and he has a good job. My husband hates to travel but knows how much I love to so he is ok with it as long as I come home at least twice during an assignment. I was working 135 miles from home when I had a full time job because there was no place closer for the kind of unit I enjoyed working in. At that time he also traveled with his job so we didn't see much of each other anyway. This way works for us.
  11. Blue IIs

    Travel Companies to Reccomend?

    I have been working with Trinity for this last assignment. They have been very good except for a couple of things. First, I worked for one week when my son-in-law was killed and I had to be off for three weeks. When I called my recruiter to have her change the time I was coming back, I found out my recruiter was no longer there. The recruiter I spoke with did not call the hospital. When I called the next day, the manager was upset (understandibly) because she did not have the staff for the next week. I was suppose to start back this next Monday but the hospital cancelled my contract. Now I am scrambling to find another job.
  12. Blue IIs

    I need a travel buddy!

    I also love Charleston but the pay is very low there. I was quoted $22-$26/hr because they are regulated by the state. I am presently working in Supply, NC and living on Oak Island across the street from the beach. I love it. My agency is Trinity Healthcare Staffing out of Florence, SC. My recruiter is Kathryn Gooden and she is very sweet. I had three or four agencies looking for me and Kathryn worked hard to find a position and get me started.
  13. Blue IIs

    Tax Home

    dcm7200, According to information I received from one of the Agencies I've worked for, "in order to qualify as your 'tax home', it must be a residence where you incur substantial and continuing residence-related expenses (such as mortgage, rent, utilities) and where you have a member of your family currently residing or which you use often for lodging or here you periodically perform business activities (work, seek jobs, conduct on-going business)". I hope this helps, Tricia
  14. Blue IIs

    Does a travel position like THIS exist??

    Doug, Hi, I was planning to do an assignment in Fairbanks (in the summer) but I would stay with my daughter. Is there any negotiation on housing? Thanks, Tricia
  15. Blue IIs

    Is nursing like...

    I just recently have a family member ask me why the doctor wasn't there while I was giving albumin to try and raise my pt's blood pressure. She was serious and I had to explain that the doctor's are not generally there while we do patient care. They trust us to know what we are doing and expect us to do it. I spent precious minutes on the phone explaining instead of being with my patient because she had a misconception perpetrated by television.
  16. Blue IIs

    I need a travel buddy!

    RNNLOVE I am working on starting an assignment in North Carolina/South Carolina. I will probably be staying with my daughter but would love to get together sometime and see the sights, talk, whatever. Charleston is one of my favorite cities. We were there for a few days in March and it is beautiful. If you are interested, send me an e-mail. I should be starting the first part of September.