Travel Nursing as a New Grad - page 2

HI there, I am going to be a new grad here soon and really considering travel nursing. I am curious as to how this all works and the ways to get in to an agency. Anything information... Read More

  1. by   NedRN
    One of my early assignments was in Charleston WV. The staff nurses made $15 an hour, travel nurses made about double. The OR was 90% travelers. The hospital's own policies put them in a real bind. Hire a nurse, train them for a year, and they are out of there.

    In general, base hourly plus per diem is higher than staff. It is generally similar pay to in house per diem. The underlying agency bill rate contributes to the perception that travel nurses are expensive.

    The major exceptions to this generalization is the San Francisco Bay area and Boston where staff pay is higher than traveler pay.
  2. by   RNFiona
    You can consider it all you want but no one is gonna hire a new grad.
  3. by   VersatileRN
    My very first travel nursing job I brought home double what i made when I was a staff nurse. I also brought home double the staff nurses i worked with my first travel job. How does one earn a ton? You work in locations nobody else wants to work in.............. meaning travelers and staff alike. Any place nice Pays Crap money.
  4. by   besaangel
    There is a travel company (atlas, I think) that hired newer nurses and puts them in an internship for a year before sending them to various assignments.
  5. by   SDANG
    I was able to get a travel nursing job after only 11 months experience. I felt ready and did just fine. I came from a PCU and took a travel med-surg job....