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  1. Thank you all for your input. I just bought a house and have been getting to know my neighbors, many who say they are "glad there is a nurse" in the neighborhood, just in case.... eek! I just worry if someone would need help, if they wouldn't be happy with whatever I help with, you know .... and I volunteered at my church and said I would happy to help in any way needed....they ask for your occupation on the volunteer application, so being a nurse they wanted me to be a "first aid emergency" person at one service per month or something. I declined, worried about people suing and so forth.... but if I had insurance maybe i could actually do that without worrying as much about it. I'll look into those two companies listed here! thank you all
  2. If yes, please indicate where you have your professional liability insurance (and any contact info - website, etc - for the business)
  3. SDANG

    DNR? details please

    What is a DNR? Is it simply NO chest compressions? I always thought that it ALSO meant NO ACLS medications to resuscitate, and NO intubation. If the patient would allow or want either meds to resuscitate or intubation, then it would be considered a "PARTIAL CODE." Is this INCORRECT? Can these details about a definition of DNR vary from facility to facility?? Can it vary state to state? Or country to country?