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  1. Hi.....would like info on Travel Nursing. How does one go about it...what about moving with the family.....what about finding someplace to live......what do you do after your assignment is over......can LVN's do travel nursing.....and last but not least, can new grads do travel nursing?

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    Just wanted to say hello and good luck.
  4. by   Brownms46
    Hi CaliLVN,..,

    Yes you can travel as an LVN, and in Cali you will have a great many choices of where you wish to travel. But if you're a new grad you will need to wait until you have at least you year of good experience before you can travel. That is before you can travel with any decent agency.

    To learn more about how it works is a very difficult and indepth process. As far as can you travel with family, yes you can do that also. It's up to you. Most agencies will pay for a one bedroom, and in some cases depending on the cost and the contract, they will provide you with two bedrooms. Anymore than that and you will have to pay the diiferent between what they pay for and what you need.

    They can find you a place, or with certain agencies you can find the place, and they will secure it for you. Or you can take a housing stipend and find your own housing. Many realtors assist travelers in finding some really good deals at times. But in order for the stipend and the housing to not be included as income, you must maintain a perm residence in your home state.

    When yoiu have picked an agency, and this is the real difficult part, as they're are wolves in sheep's clothing out there. You need to then decide what assignment you want to take. This also will require you to do your homework, to find out about the facility, and the area you wish to go to. Once you decide on the agency and the assignment, the agency submits a profile on you, based on your resume and skills checklist. The more skills you have the more marketable you are of course.

    After they submit your profile to the facility, and the facility decides they wish to hire you, they will give you a phone call, and you have an interview over the phone.

    If you like what you hear, you can accept, tell them you want to think about it, or decide not to take it.

    If you decide to take it, you then sign a contract with the agency, and the facility. You decide on a start date, and any other details of the contract. This is where you must also be careful as to what you sign, at least until you start to get to know the agency, and how good or bad they are.

    Then you go to your assignment, keep your mouth closed and do the job. All along the way you're deciding whether or not you like the assignment and want to stay there which sometimes gets you an extra bonus, or move on. if you decided to move on, you then have the agency find you another contract, and you repeat the process all over again.

    My first travel agency I stayed with for 5yrs, and there have been those I stayed with since than for only one assignment, because they had the assignment I wanted, but didn't have anything else I wanted. It's totally up to you once your contract as ended, whether or not you wish to stay with that agency or go with another.

    I hope this helps....
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    Check out delphiforums........they have an very insightful, firsthand of traveling pros, cons and different company information.

  6. by   Brownms46
    renerian, are you still interested in doing home health travel??
    There is a posting on Delhi for such a position in ABQ NM.
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    Thanks for the info! Have a great day!

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    tried going to delphiforums and some stuff came up about starting your own that the right place, renerian?

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    Wow I wish I could take the traveling home health. I am starting anew job soon. Someone from bridge called me today.........

    rats.........wish I would have got it sooner......

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    Originally posted by CaliLVN
    tried going to delphiforums and some stuff came up about starting your own that the right place, renerian?

    You were in the right place - just didn't go far enough. Look for the forum titled "Travel Nurses and Therapists" Sorry - I don't know computer well enough to post the link. Maybe someone will.
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    Originally posted by CaliLVN
    tried going to delphiforums and some stuff came up about starting your own that the right place, renerian?

    Here is the link..:
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    I'm wanting to try travel nursing. Seems pretty intimidating. Are they looking for Super Nurse? I have three years in tele but feel very frightened of a code because Ive never been involved even thiugh Im ACLS. Do they expect you to do charge nursing?
    Most travelers dont charge unless they are very comfortable with your skills and you have traveled with them before. Most of your abilities are discussed and the area of nursing you will do and your expectations are discussed during an interview. Its during that time were you tell them your boundries.
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    Nancy, another great site is Healthcare I, too am planning to do travel nursing and found this site had a lot of information about traveling. I found it to be very informative and very useful. I have spoken with two agencies so far. Good luck and safe traveling!