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Hello all! I am wondering if anyone has ever worked for Readylink? Also, I looked over past forums, and can't find mention of any names of companies to go with or avoid. Would love if everyone... Read More

  1. by   Medicine Eagle
    Thanks you guys. I appreciate the prayers. NIP was going to place me in AZ. But because MAxim decided that after 5 yrs emplaoyment that b/c I did not come and fill out their forms That they won't give me any assignments until I work for somone else for several months. It was a compete slap in the face. Now NIP sent me an I'm sorry that we can't place you until you work per diem in an ER for at least 2 months. So I can't get my daughter to Arizona. I am so afraid for her. Nova Pro is trying to place me arround St. Louis, Mo. Home of the CardinalsSorry not relevant but need something to smile about. I guess I will have to take that and hope my daughter can hold on for another 13 weeks. Then NIP can place me. By the way Maxim and Travel Max and the others are all owned by the same company. Kind of like CCTC and Nova Pro. I just keep praying that Catie will make it.
  2. by   hotomalis
    keep trying tiredbraveheart. Remember there are several agencies out there. Check out this list:
    Scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll have all the companies listed and rated by the number of hypodermic needles. Check out every single one of those. I bought the book and it said to apply to several companies in case one agency did not have the contract you wanted. Stay strong!
    My prayers are with you, your family and especially Katie!
  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I would never go with an agency that did not provide free, private, furnished housing. They also need to provide utilities, housewares, linens, microwave, TV, paid travel to and from the assignment, and so on.

    Most companies do provide these things.
  4. by   PICURN04
    I am relatively new to travel nursing. I took a local assignment with americanmobile and so far my recruiter has been great and the housing has been very nice. This particular hospital I am at is not that great, but then again I didn't really ask the right questions of the nurse manager before I accepted. I also want to know what company pays for Tv and provides housewares and linen... I haven't found any that provide more than private housing and basic utilities. Thanks
  5. by   Diary/Dairy
    Don't forget about benefits - these are very important these days - the companies I talked to recently have day 1 benefits paid for by the company!!
  6. by   IrisZ
    Has anyone worked for Unlimited MedSearch, or Unlimited Nurse Search (I think they are the same)? I got email from Unlimited Med Search. Everything seems too good to be true.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  7. by   kaliee
    Anybody work for Trinity? Or Valley Health Systems? How would you rate them. Thanks.
  8. by   Blue IIs
    I have been working with Trinity for this last assignment. They have been very good except for a couple of things. First, I worked for one week when my son-in-law was killed and I had to be off for three weeks. When I called my recruiter to have her change the time I was coming back, I found out my recruiter was no longer there. The recruiter I spoke with did not call the hospital. When I called the next day, the manager was upset (understandibly) because she did not have the staff for the next week. I was suppose to start back this next Monday but the hospital cancelled my contract. Now I am scrambling to find another job.
  9. by   gypsytravelrn
    I know quite a few of you are looking into and asking questions about different companies. I have had many different companies over the 13 years I have been traveling. The one I recommend is the one I'm with nowl Innovative Placements, or there logo which is IPI. They have given me the most back and with the best benefits. They are a small company so you get to know everyone you work with on a first name bases, from the owners down to your recruiter. I would now travel with no one else because I know I can trust them with everything.
    This is a company that supported me through a surgery and helped me plan it so that I didn't loose my insurance, they are very real people who understand. I hope this is helpful.
  10. by   scorpinayj
    I'm Thinking About Travelling By Next Year, By Then I'd Have 2 Years Of Icu Experience Under My Belt. I Live In New York, And Would Like To Get My Feet Wet By Travelling To Nearby States Such As New Jersey And Connecticut.

    Do Any Of You Know Of A Trustworthy Travel Company?? I'm Looking For A Reliable Company, W/ Reliable Jobs At My Destination Of Preference And Ability For Me To Take Time Off In Between Assignments (w/ Or Without Pay)!! I Know, I Think I Sound Like I'm Asking For Too Much!! Any Feedback From You Will Be Greatly Appreciated!!!
  11. by   bmt1959
    i am beginning on a journey into traveling. i want this to not only be a new chapter, but a new book in my life, and want someone out there to help me write it. of coarse this is a metaphor, but i know you will make it happen by helping me to decide on a company that won't screw me over. i'm in my 40's and am limited to doing peds only. i'm good at what i do and have done it for 10 years. i have charged, resourced, and staffed throughout those years on the same unit, so know my stuff. i have taken care of a variety of patients; rehab, neuro, renal, respiratory, ortho, and gi. i need a list of questions that i can ask the recruiter. i pray that god will help you to guide me! i am looking foward to hearing from you.

  12. by   LNDis4ME
    I can personally reccomend Sunbelt Staffing. I worked for them for several years and never had a bad experience. I remember one time I had gotten a flat tire at work while on assignment with them. I casually mentioned it to my recruiter b/c it resulted in a scheduling the end of the week, I had a free one year AAA membership! They really do go above and beyond for their nurses.
    The 2 companies I can't reccommend are Preferred and Supplemental. Preferred tried to reneg on a contract 6 weeks into it, b/c they supposedly had "miscalculated" my housing stipend. When I told them that the contract was the contract, and they couldn't change it half way thru, they cancelled it with the hospital and left me high and dry. NIGHTMARE!!!
  13. by   DaFreak71
    Quote from Kerolyn
    Does anyone know anything about RNDemand or TNS (Travel Nurse Solutions)
    companies? I have received calls from them and was wondering if they are good or not.
    My husband works for TNS and he has been treated VERY well. He travels about 60 miles from home and the stipend is extremely generous. He has slightly more than doubled his income from his hospital job. His recruiter is wonderful about returning calls, checking up to see if he is happy, etc. He has worked on the same assignment for five months now (started out as a 13 week assignment) and he really enjoys TNS. The hospital he is assigned to treats their travelers nicely (one guy has been there 3 years, lol), but the equipment is not very good (Meridian MS).

    Sorry I don't have any information regarding RNDemand.

    Best wishes!
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