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Ok friends I am in the process of stepping away from travel. Well sort of. I have the opportunity to take a per diem job at Kaiser in NorCal. My pay rate will be $93/hr with differential of 7.20/hr... Read More

  1. by   ICUman
    Bumping this thread. I am wondering if anyone knows how common it is for Kaiser travelers to be hired on as staff once their assignment completes?

    I think this could be a way to get hired with the company since traditionally their staff positions are so competitive.
  2. by   8-ball
    Yes it is common but even still competitive. We had 10 travelers when I started here as a traveler last year. Of that 3 took positions at the hospital here and 2 took positions at other Kaisers the others did not have desire to do that. FT positions are difficult as well but the Per diem is really hard. I would say that the larger hospitals like Kaiser Oakland and SF always have openings so if you start as a traveler there you will have better luck. Once you are with them for 6 months you can move to any of the other kaisers if they have openings and you will have first pick before a non kaiser applicant.
  3. by   Pheebz777
    Does extensive experience (and a plethora of certifications) increase your chances of being hired per diem after transitioning from being a travel nurse?
  4. by   NedRN
    Umm... put yourself in a hiring manager's position and what would they think?
  5. by   8-ball
    well that really depends. certs yes as long as they apply to your position. but experience can be tricky 5-15 years sure but when you get in the 20-30 years range you might run into a bit of issue
    1) being age biases, assuming at that point you are more likely for injury and sick days.
    2) If your pay is based on experience (and it should be) more experience means higher pay which also means a bigger hit to the managers budget. Where as many believe a nurse in the 10-15 year range might be just as good.