OB Nurse wanting feedback on Fastaff

  1. Hello everyone! I am a labor and delivery/postpartum nurse who is considering applying with Fastaff. (This will be my first time traveling). I am not married, no children, and like the idea of what Fastaff advertises (travel assignments on short notice, good pay, shorter assignments, etc.)

    I would very much appreciate your feedback (good or bad) about working with Fastaff. Thanks!!
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  3. by   ChristopherB
    I'm on my second assignment with Fastaff. I work in ICU and not L&D.

    Overall, I'm happy with Fastaff. I switched to Fastaff after having problems with my previous travel nursing agency. If you have any issues, the recruiters try to resolve them as quickly as possible. Fastaff typically uses extended stay hotels for housing instead of apartments, even for longer assignments. Both recruiters I've been with at Fastaff have been great.

    Fastaff sent me for the wrong urine drug screen for an assignment and after they sent me back a second time for the right urine drug screen, my recruiters said they were giving me a bonus to compensate me for my time. The next paycheck, I had an extra $100.

    Also, I did an assignment last year with my previous agency and now I'm back in the same hospital and same department with Fastaff. My pay is $10/hr higher with Fastaff.
  4. by   BluntForceTrauma
    Im on my third assignment with Fastaff and as previously mentioned, I haven't had any problems. My pay is always correct and on time. They have given me all of the bonuses and extras promised. One patient's family complimented how nice I was to them to the hospital, which was relayed to Fastaff, and I received a $100 visa giftcard unexpectedly. They do house you mostly in extended stays, but you are more than welcome to take the stipend. Most of the contracts are for 48 hrs/week...very few have 36/hrs. My recruiter is great..responds to emails and calls very quickly. Even when she's on vacation, I'll get an auto-reply, then she'll email me right back and have someone else to call me.

    Most of their assignments are on such short notice so you need to have your profile up to date at all times. They have also paid for all of my nursing licenses besides my original one.
  5. by   Traveldee
    Thank you both for your feedback! I appreciate it!
  6. by   cheryl056
    I am also a Labor and Delivery nurse who will be traveling this April. I signed up with Fastaff because they promote short contracts. But now they said the 2-6 week jobs are rare. I am still hoping for the best. I signed up with some other short contract companies. Hope something pans out.
  7. by   Esme12
    As a supervisor...I have always found Fastaff a reputable company to work with who supplied competent staff. I never heard their staff say anything really negative other than small gripes that the company would rectify.

    I hope that helps
  8. by   cheryl056
    I may have found something with Emerald. 4 weeks Arcata CA. Or 6 weeks in San Luis Obispo CA.
  9. by   jnschmit
    Cheryl056... Does emerald offer frequent 4 week assignments in CA?
  10. by   cheryl056
    No. They get them occasionally. They did try to make a couple 8 weeks down to 6 weeks though.