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  1. I've decided to quit my staff position in Florida to try travel nursing. I am talking to a few travel agencies (RNNetwork and Talemed are the two I am most interested in). I've seen some favorable posts here in the forum on RNNetwork and so far I like the recruiter. I searched but couldn't find anything on Talemed. Anyone here ever work for them?

    I was also wondering if first time travelers are paid lower than nurses with travel experience. It seems that all the positions I am hearing about from the recruiters are paying between $30 and $35/hour with double time paid after 40 hours. I've read where some travelers say they make more than this. They are offering free private housing including microwave and TV and some free utilities, license reimbursement, 401k, free medical and dental insurance, vacation pay, bonuses, travel reimbursement, etc. It seems like a reasonable enough offer, but that's because I don't know if I could do better. Should I ask for more $$$, or is this ok? I'm bored with Florida and want to leave anyway.
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    That's a pretty fair offer (30-35 range). Yes I know some people claim to make much more, but generally that is for either a really hard to fill position (gotta wonder why they are willing to pay that much - red flag goes up!) or some major cities (NY,LA, etc) or for strike work. You may also find that they make that hourly, but don't have their housing, insurance, etc paid in addition. Some people also tend to exaggerate.....
  4. by   RNmegan84
    I just left FL to travel and I'm making almost double what I made out there here in CA. With my tax free money it estimates out that I am making 37/hour. Including free private housing fully furnished. The money is awesome and the work is only half the load it seems like. Even though 30-35/hour doesn't sound like all that much when you start figuring in that you don't have to pay rent or utilities (which are sky high here in CA) then you realize how great of a deal it really is.
  5. by   shortstuph0
    Where are you practicing in CA?I am a first time traveler and was offered 25\hr to work in san diego through american mobile. When I read other articles I find new grads in the same location are making 28-29\hr to start. I just figured becuase my housing was free that was the issue. Any thoughts?