How many contracts(skills)?

  1. Hey everybody,
    Do you think one contract a year is enough to keep your skills current(medsurg)? I can't really afford to totally early retire but financially could do it if I worked one contract a year. Do you think 13 weeks working full time is enough to keep your skills up to work a MS floor(step on to the floor as a traveler)?

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  3. by   Argo
    Yes, for me... could be different for everyone though
  4. by   nurse.ethel.RN
    I think it depends on the person and how long you've been a nurse.
  5. by   NedRN
    What this really depends on is the employing hospital manager believes it. Repeating the same hospital would do it, but if the majority of your income derives from just one place, you get no tax benefits from being a traveler - all your compensation is taxable. Local agency or hospital per diem would likely be the most comfortable in your situation if available.

    If you can change locations of a travel assignments each year, then that would work for you. Mind you, you will be competing against medsurg nurses who may or may not have as much total experience as you, but more recent experience. Can't predict what managers might think, could go either way.