travel nursing with clean endorsed compact license but expired origional license with consent agreement (terms met- was unencumbered before expiry)

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Specializes in MICU/PICU.

I was thinking about travel nursing with my current, home state compact license. 


the problem is, the original (first state) I was licensed in has disciplinary history. the terms of the consent agreement were met, and it became unencumbered before I let it lapse and expire. 

will background checks completed by travel agencies pull the old consent agreement even if the license is expired? I do not have any criminal history that resulted from this. 

I think it very unlikely to show up on a background check, especially if there were no criminal charges. You can find out yourself by running an online background check on yourself. Get the lowest cost one as that will catch anything that is online (more expensive ones will do courthouse checks at prior addresses). Still, it is possible and easy for an agency to go farther and check license status, even of expired licenses. Look up your licensure status of that expired license and see if you are eligible for renewal without further comment of historical discipline. For good measure, your current license as well.

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