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My name is Chris. I am a husband, father, and a registered nurse; originally from Florida but now out of Louisville. I want to talk to you today about a term I have come to homeless nursing. The... Read More

  1. by   vetnrse
    More likely to be attacked at home or jogging. Key is be aware of who and what situation is around you. . Leave if questionable. Lay low. Stay quiet. Don't talk to strangers if they seem strange,like mama said. Move with tough confidence not like a victim. Carry pepper spray (Ive never had to use it) . Keep a dog. They alert you on things u cant hear whether at home or vehicle.These are tips for every day living whether living in a van or house.
  2. by   Argo
    With the rate of auto theft in downtown BIG city USA I would think you are less likely to have an auto theft issue if your sleeping in the car, man or woman. Walking around SF after working a late shoft or when going in for a early shift I regularly will see people sleeping in their cars in plain sight.

    I have slept in SF in the backseat of my truck a solid dozen times. I park next to the hospital in the street, usually because of a 11-11 followed by 6-6 shift to save from the loss of sleep due to commute. I have never had an issue. I would not try to do it on the weekend as that seems to be the higher car theft time.
  3. by   njbeacon
    There was a travel nurse who tried that here, She was let go from her contact. They did not like or approve of her using hospital facilities to shower in.

    I know people who do the RV route and save money amd enjoyed. If you have a big enough one you can always invite another traveler to share and split

  4. by   DowntheRiver
    Quote from NedRN
    I agree as well. At least she is a target if she has a sign on top of her car that says helpless female inside!

    Do you have any idea how many cars someone who might want to take advantage of such a situation would have to check before finding someone asleep in one? Tens or probably hundreds of thousands of cars and then odds on it will be a male. Even if such a person gets lucky, they would also have to be very stupid to break into an occupied car. Lots of guns out there no matter the gender (if one could even tell the gender of the sleeping occupant without a sign).

    All things considered, driving is a considerably higher risk. So is sleeping in a hotel.
    Are you female? Because from a female perspective it is (usually) totally different. I've been followed to my vehicle before many times. I just asked my husband and he can't think of a single time this has happened to him.
  5. by   NedRN
    When car camping, you walk to your car. You simply park. Then the odds I spoke of are in effect.

    Everyone is most vulnerable on foot. I feel much safer even as a guy if I'm on wheels especially going through unsafe neighborhoods. With wheels, those who could have bad intent only have seconds to carry out anything. I've been stabbed on foot (while unlocking my bicycle), but never hassled on skates, bikes, or in cars. Even one's house is subject to home invasion, so you are responsible to look after your own safety at all times. It is just a question of lowering the risk, and I can tell you sleeping in hotels is far less safe than sleeping in a car, unless you put a sign on the car, or for some reason leave the car and walk back.

    My biggest fear sleeping in a car is being woken by police, something that has happened a number of times. Hassle as they always take ten minutes to run your license and tell you to park somewhere else (although it is almost never against the law). My own fault, as I like to park in dark quiet places where I can be easily notice as being out of place - like the end of a dead end rural road. Never happened when I park in a neighborhood with other cars.
  6. by   vetnrse
    Never had a problem. Been doing this for yrs. Been all over. Yes I'm a girl , so what . No one bothers me except police telling me to move on occasion. Don't be vulnerable. Walk confidently and with purpose. Be aware of surroundings. These are everyday living tips even going to the store. Much less likely to be bothered overnight parking in a quiet park then a busy mall parking lot. Or your house. People much more off guard at home. Easier for thieves
  7. by   CameToSlay
    There's no way I'd do that. This opens up a philosophical discussion about what money is for. To me it is for comfort, and there's no way I'd be comfortable living out of a small vehicle for an extended period of time. We can argue about extra savings, but, there's no time like the present, and if you're not living in it and enjoying then, well, that's unfortunate. Anyways, good luck to you, if you truly find it enjoyable that is what matters!
  8. by   vetnrse
    To each his own, right. I can't say that on occasion I miss a home to ' go back 'to , but in giving that up, I don't miss paying rent $2000/mo and I don't have leases tying me down to one place. I go where I want when I want, and no landlord telling me what I can or can't do. Give something up, to get something back. To me its worth it
  9. by   perfexion
    I would totally do that if I had a bigger car.
  10. by   jive turkey
    For the singles: get on a dating site/ap, meet somebody in the desired area that takes a liking to you and will let you stay with them for free/cheap.

    The benefits speak for themselves.