Help Needed! Travel Rn with work exposure-company not paying.

  1. So I was working as a travel nurse for TITAN Medical on assignment in OHIO. As a Neuro ICU nurse I was taking care of a pt that was comatose. As it turns out the pt had bacterial meningitis which is highly contagious and was not in isolation. During the incubation period for the disease, I started exhibiting the symptoms of the disease.

    I contacted human resources for Titan Medical and was told I need to go to a hospital and be evaluated. When I went to my local hospital I was told I have two options, to undergo a lumbar puncture where they will extract my spinal fluid for testing or to be hospitalized for 2 weeks on IV antibiotics. I will not be allowed to leave the hospital. After much internal debate I opted for the spinal tap. Fortunately I did not have the bacterial meningitis. I suffered a spinal headache for over 3 days and lower back pain for over a month afterward. All the paperwork was filled out and sent in to Ohio Workers comp and then they denied the claim. I could not believe it- it must be some mistake. I appealed the claim explaining in detail how this was all a result of the work related exposure and was only asking for the medical bills to be paid, nothing for the pain and suffering and lost time from work. It was denied again! Then I started getting the bills-- over $5000 of bills for 6 hours in the ER. I submitted them to my insurance which was through the same travel company and they paid $150 of them. I was livid.

    I have contacted the travel company Titan Medical, Dawson which was the company that was acting as the vendor manager, and Miami Valley hospital in Dayton Ohio. Everyone is denying any responsibility and I keep getting passed around to someone else to contact. Does anyone have any advice? It looks like I will need to get a lawyer unless someone else has some options? Any advice?

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  3. by   Wuzzie
    Call the Ohio Insurance Commission and let the insurance company know you're doing it. Then sit back and watch what happens. It's very entertaining.
  4. by   BigT
    What do you mean? What happens?
  5. by   NedRN
    Definitely you should talk to a lawyer. What was the reason given for denying your claim?
  6. by   BigT
    They stated that I did not get the bacterial meningitis so they are not responsible for a non event. I had to have an injury to be covered. I am not asking for anything for my pain and suffering from the testing, just the actual testing costs to exclude me from having this highly communicable disease. I had a fever of 102 and a crushing headache so there was real concern I was infected.
  7. by   dishes
    Their reason for denying sounds wrong, do they also deny coverage to workers who after a needle stick injury are assessed for blood borne diseases when it turns out they don't have the diseases? Speak to a lawyer, but also speak to the hospital's risk management, the hospital failed to put the patient on isolation precautions while they were investigating for the meningitis and they put you, other staff and patients at risk of contracting a communicable disease.
    Also, if you did not do an incident report, you should do one so that risk management has a record of the occurrence.
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  8. by   dchicurn
    Yes, retain atty immediately. I doubt you'll have any trouble getting one to take this case. I agree with the above advice, too. Call the insurance commish...and watch it play. It's asinine that they denied this claim!!! Best of luck to you.
  9. by   Wolf at the Door
    what is work exposure?
  10. by   Wuzzie
    Quote from BigT
    What do you mean? What happens?
    I had an issue with an insurance company refusing to pay a legitimate claim. For months I called them. I landed in collections. I finally spoke to someone who under her breath said two words. "Insurance commission". I called and got the name of a contact person at the commission. I sent a letter with all the pertinent documentation. The insurance commission received it on Tuesday. They contacted my insurance company before close of business that same day. My bill was paid in full on Thursday. I have shared this advice with other people. It has worked every. single. time.
  11. by   NedRN
    Quote from Wolf at the Door
    what is work exposure?
    Exposure to a communicable disease at work.
  12. by   8-ball
    1) insurance commission
    2) let your ins company know your calling them
    3) Let your HR department know what your doing
    4) contact a lawyer
    5) Originally you didn't want to cover pain and suffering but now you are SUFFERING. So I would pursue that avenue as well. Even if the judge throws it out you never know if you don't ask. My mother in-law was injured at work and broke her leg. had to have rods and pins and 2 surgeries. she kept telling the surgeon it was still killing her. But Ins signed off. She had to sue and her lawyer told her to ask for P&S now she has won her suit but the ins company is still trying to get out of it by appealing and not paying her. It has been 2 years and she has suffered the whole time. A new MRI (which she paid for out of pocket) revealed the pin was out of place and she had a break much higher than was originally noted they had to rebreak and reset it. That was all pain and suffering.

    P.S Liberty Ins also would send her papers saying if not contested by X date you accept terms of agreement, these forms were always delivered by courier late on Friday afternoon or over a holiday weekend and she would have hardly anytime to file her papers to contest. Point is pay attention to your mail.