Favorite Healthcare Staffing?

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    I am looking to begin a travel contract to Buffalo or Rochester NY. Does anyone have any travel experience or knowledge of Favorite Healthcare Staffing? They seem like a pretty reputable company. Also, do all travel agencies offer the same rate for the same assignments?


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  3. by   NedRN
    Favorite is primarily a per diem staffing agency. Hundreds of offices. I've never read a favorable comment but a company that calls nurses at 4 in the morning to cancel their shifts is not likely to be popular. You might try Sagent - they are based in New England, smaller and usually get good reviews. Depending on one agency is never a good idea, you will have no idea if the pay is competitive or not.
  4. by   FNP-2-BE
    Have you travelled with Sagent? I tried per diem before with Favorite and never worked any of the 5 shifts I was scheduled to because I was cancelled at 4-5am. lol.
  5. by   NedRN
    I haven't traveled personally with Sagent. However I had worked with one of their agency staffers at another agency and knowing that she was involved in Sagent's management for many years was enough to impress me even if I hadn't heard many good reports on forums online.

    I think getting involved with a company who's primary focus is not travel is not a good idea - for example, what would be their attitude towards cancelled shifts, or canceling your assignment just as you arrive onsite? A good travel company guarantees your shifts. Would this be a local contract with a local office, or is it a central travel specific division?

    There are lots of good agencies. A couple of warning flags would be enough for me to move on. Once you are under contract you don't have options, you want to work for someone trustworthy. Favorite might be OK, but expand your options just in case.
  6. by   DreameRN
    I've worked for Favorite per diem before, for about a year as a supplement to my travel job. It was in Chicago, so I did work many of my shifts, more so at peak times like oct-dec. I did get cancelled some, but that's kind of how it works, per diem are the first to cancel. I had no problems with Favorite, and I'd recommend them. I've talked with them about travel jobs before but never ended up switching. I'm in CO now, and I know there are a couple nurses at my hospital doing agency contracts through them
  7. by   TajoRN
    I work for Favorites and I am frustrated because they will cancel shifts and not even bother to notify you.
  8. by   shoegalRN
    I'm signed up with Favorites locally and I've been canceled for scheduled shifts at 0400 in the morning. However, I get random emails from them for contracts.