Does anyone feel lonely because of being away from home during christmas!

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  3. by   Littlewonder
    Yes...:icon_cry: :icon_roll and I have my husband and children with me, just not the same as being home...
  4. by   suzanne4
    Do not miss the snow. Plus now, my family is scattered all over the world.
  5. by   mitchsmom
    My family has always been spread out all over creation, so I'm used to that. But I haven't talked to my mom, stepdad, and youngest sister for 2.5 years because of something bad that happened, and I always think about them (especially during holidays) and I wish that things could be different. So in that way I miss being at "home".
    Guess that didn't cheer you up much did it?? LOL, I do really hope you get to do something fun that makes you feel better soon! ((hugs))
  6. by   bebe on the road
    A little. But there are so many travel nurses at my current assignment that a few of us have formed a "group" to go to movies, dinner,local events etc. Then i make a point of working on the holiday itself so i don't miss family so much- there's almost daily contact with email ...
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    My family is scattered around too, but yes I wish we were together during the holidays. Thankfully, I have my husband and pets.