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  1. Unfortunately, Delphi charges to host a Forum. That is silly IMHO but anyways. I have seen many post and encourage new Travelers to post and respond.

    My sincere warning is to lurk on Travel Nurses and Therapists. If you do not agree with what is being said and have your own opinions and experience that differs with a select group there, they will become hostile and will harrass you through your E mail.

    I have complained to the Moderator on that Forum and have to tell eveyone that I realized that she is part of that little hate group there.

    Anyways, words of warning, be a lurker. Learn what you can. Be aware of personalities and above all, look to what is being offered by Recruiters.

    I found an excellent Travel company, NovaPro because I did see a couple of posts and have an unbeatable job wth an excellent salary and benefits like day one insurance.

    Everyone, good luck and be well!!
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  3. by   renerian
    Wow I have never been charged to post on delphi forums. I have had some difference in opinion and was never treated like that personally but I have seen in with other people.

  4. by   LadyNASDAQ
    You are not charged to post in Delphi. You are charged with starting a new discussion group which I think is ridiculous.
  5. by   teeituptom
    Tain't heard of Delphi forum
  6. by   OBNurseShelley
    you can post and respond on delphi for free, and i have found lots of valuable info there regarding travel nursing, but true you must take it all with a grain of salt. and type in travel nurse in the search column, FYI there's forums for everything from the pet psychic to games for your children
  7. by   renerian
    That must be new charging to start a thread because I have done it and was not charged. Oh well. I still like to read them though. Gets rather heated at times.

  8. by   orphan_nurse
    They do not charge to start a new discussion, or a new thread. I believe the charge is only to start a forum. Then you have to register to enter the forums. The differance is, you can post on the forum once someone else has started it. There are many differant dicussion threads on each forum. I think some have gotten a little confussed on this issue.
  9. by   ER/PAS
    I agree about the Delphi Travel nurses ... There is more polictical Obama is great discussion going on than actual useful info. ... The moderator will screen and not post political views she does not agree with ...everything Obama says is true everything the Republicans say is a lie is mostly what you will hereOccasionally something useful .. But generally not
  10. by   Sage1111
    I have been denied access to the Dephi Travel Nurses Forum because I personally do not agree with the political views expressed by the head moderator, Cruising Cats. While I did enjoy sharing travel nurse info. there, I made the "mistake" of disagreeing with her views. To bad really. I am glad things are different on this forum.
  11. by   ER/PAS
    Crushing Cats would probably ban me also .. Or maybe she has .. It would be like firing someone after they quit... I am so through with her nonsense and bullying... Anyone that uses that site is someone that can not think for them self . There are the same comments the same advice regurgitated year after year really pitiful when it comes down to it. It will finally burn itself out .. They will be down to only a handful of users ... If not already there..That forum is circling the bowlBest of luck to you
  12. by   NedRN
    "Crushing Cats" Funny!

    As far as circling the bowl, yes, it has gone downhill. Unfortunately, there are no good alternatives. This forum doesn't have as much traffic for travelers, and probably never will. All forums have some issues, and this one is no different. Among other factors, it caters to nursing students, and this forum has a lot of queries from want-to-be travelers, many of them still in school!. There are a couple of new social network sites for travel nurses that are also failing to get traction on their forums. A stand alone forum is probably best, forums that try to do everything for all nurses or all topic, or social sites with attached forums seem to be too thin to do well.Perhaps PanTravelers new site will come through eventually as it is completely traveler focused.
  13. by   ER/PAS
    I traveled for 10 years but do not travel now ... I am permanent now, but occasionally look on various sites just out of curiosity / interest.. I have heard good things about PAN and is the site I recommend if ask for advice on Traveler sites ... I also advise to stay away from Delphi, unless it is someone I don't like(ha)...Seriously I advise them that they will gain very little useful info. on that site ... And the info they get will be suspect at best....I appreciate your comments and info.....Best of luck to you in your endevors
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