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Thought that I would post a few tips that should be at the top of your list when looking for a travel company and what should be in the contract. 1. If it is not in writing, then it does not... Read More

  1. by   NYCRN6
    Hello THank you for writing this post.

    I currently work in Manhattan, Ny at Memorial Sloan Ketterin Cancer Center. I am working with Novapro. I took a HUGE pay cut. HUGE. I was making 30/hr in Newton, MA (20 minutes from Boston), and here I am making 16.48 plus the 245/week for ammenities and groceries. I live in a luxury apartment on the UES which is a gorgeous studio going for 2300/month (but paid for by the company). I make about 1400 every two weeks. With my lifestyle and Manhattan prices this is not liveable UNLESS you save up your money and are very good at budgeting which I am.

    I read your posting... I was told that this hospital is the worst at paying travelers and is known to pay VERY low which I am getting paid. I took the job because off the hospital and the free housing in manhattan (why not?). I'm thinking of doing a per-diem to make extra money or getting a job as a waitress or work at a gym to decrease some expenses or increase my income.

    They extended my contract here until 8/10. I asked them to increase their base pay and they said they absolutely couldn't do that. THey attributed the low price to being related to the insane amount to pay for a studio in manhattan.

    What do you think of all that?
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  2. by   NYCRN6
    Did you ever receive a response on this? If so let em know. I am interseted. Thanks
  3. by   maryamwalking
    This is a great topic for me. I have just read each entry starting from the very beginning. Very helpful guidance in how to think about the whole prospect of traveling. But I see the traffic here has diminished and I am wondering about the more recently posted question about why we should not make all our info available to them (I'm talking about resume and application - not the many signature files they like to get early on). I too would like to know - if anyone has the time to advise - how do they find us what we want (the right hospital interview) without our resumes and what is the risk to me having provided this prior to the interview? Also, in light of the job market which has certainly tightened in the last few years, are there not certain changes in how this is done which might result in RN's conceding things now which we would have not conceded just 2 years ago?
  4. by   mexdf
    Hello all,
    I am new at traveling nursing so I have a question, my recluter told me an X amount per hr during the "verbal contract" over the phone but when I read the actual contract it had a diferent amount on it calling it "taxable income" Can anyone explain this to me and can I get out of the "verbal" contract if they refused to change it? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. by   Khodg781
    This thread has been very helpful. Im going to start traveling when I finish my BSN in december. I wanted to know about tuition reimbursement. Has anyone recieved it and what were the stipulations? Also, I want to take and assignment out west and I'm not sure if I should drive or fly. Do these companies offer relocation monies or do I find my own way there?
    I have never heard of a travel company offering "tuition reimbursement". They hardly offer money for CEU's anymore. As far as travel, I get the same travel money that I got in 1989. $300 each way for a maximum of $600. It doesn't even cover gas. Have heard of people who work the to and from money into their contract. If that works for you, OK. I travel with my RV, I take the housing money. I like knowing who slept in my bed last and always feel like I'm home. It's not for everyone. Remember you will need at least a year of experience in your chosen specialty before you even consider a travel assignment. Good luck and enjoy.

  7. by   DinatravelerRN
    I think listening to other nurses experiences goes further then what a blog to your friends & co-workers. We all know someone who has traveled. I think the most important thing is to ask questions and keep asking them until you understand......I learned that the hard way. If you have a great recruiter that you can trust it makes things so much easier!! Good luck to all you travelers......
  8. by   nurseseth82
    I agree with all but the 'ICU and OR usually float much less" statement. I'm an ICU nurse and as a traveler I floated nearly every day. They told me "You're an ICU nurse. You can work anywhere." That included med/surg, ER (seriously) and even really weird things like an outpatient eye surgery clinic attached to the hospital. I was terrified. That's a big reason why I stopped traveling.