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I'm wondering if anyone has any info on Liquid Agents...they have been contacting me with potential contracts...anything good and bad appreciated.Thanks... Read More

  1. by   OBRN63
    I did several assignments with Liquid Agents and never had any problems. My recruiter was great. She still keeps in touch with me even when I am on assignment with another company. I plan to do more assignments with them in the future.
  2. by   Mcstraycat
    Most unethical company I've ever encountered. Thats with 10 years of traveling. Are they still in business?
  3. by   malenurse122879
    I just signed up to start a contract with them next week in Dallas, TX. I'll report here after. So far everything's been great though. Signed up with them yesterday and they were able to place me today.
  4. by   rnjamie
    I just completed an assignment with Liquid Agents in New Mexico. This was my first travel assignment and my recruiter was great. She called at least once a week to make sure things were going as planned and is currently looking for my next assignment. I did not have any problems with pay but cannot comment on the housing issues because I found my own housing. I look forward to working with my recruiter again.
  5. by   Rntr
    I considered an assignment with them last fall.... until I noticed a clause in their contract that allow's them to change the contract if needed....WTH... they are rediculous.. might as well not have a contract. Not me....
  6. by   pdrgeez
    I have been working with Liquid Agents since October 2009. This is my second assignment (first one lasted 14 months). I have a great recruiter, and I find them to be reasonable. I haven't had my assignment changed and they are pretty accommodating. If you have any questions about assignment change or anything worrisome, talk it over with them, and see what they have to say. I have had good experiences.
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  7. by   mausne
    I just took an assignment with Liquid Agents...NEVER again. I had a crappy orientation, had my contract terminated after one week...without warning, and then was charged a $1000 breach fee. They hourly wage they told me kept changing, as did the benefits. They advertise one thing, and they change it once you show interest. My first housing assignment was awful...disgusting and dirty. They did move me to a different place, and did not charge me anymore...yes they pay for it but it all comes from the same bucket of money, so basically you are paying for it. I found it to be a very frustrating experience, and it has totally soured me on travel was my first and last assignment. I drove twelve hours to the assignment...a total waste. Their contract basically will tell you that they can do what they want. If they don't pay you your do have alternatives, such as the federal wage and hour division, and some states have workforce websites that will not only get you your wage, but damages also. With their history, they should pay big damages. My advice is to stay away from them.
  8. by   Rntr
    Alot of bait and switch with them..... also, have to remember that anyone can post things about a company,... even a recruiter posing as a nurse...!
  9. by   TravelTrauma
    Wow! I'm glad I checked out the reviews..I just completed a online application..thanks!
  10. by   pdrgeez
    I think that most nurses (if not all) who have ever investigated the field of travel nursing will agree that travel is not for the weak at heart. Any host hospital can cancel a nurse for any reason. Period. What makes it so difficult for most nurses is the fact that the host has to justify their actions on paper, and that is where a lot of fabrication can come in. For an RN who has taken pride in their career, who likes to provide good quality healthcare - and who CARES about patients as people - those fabricated reasons can be very traumatic and can wreak havoc with nurses' sense of professionalism. Bottom line being there is nothing that can be done. Recruiters can't help you. Moving on to another travel assignment makes one a little gunshy. And it's usually about money - you know that another traveler costs less for the facility, or that patient census has gone down. Maybe they don't like your scrubs or hairdo? Who knows? I hear that it's happening more often, from other posts that have appeared, so we need to support each other, and see what can be done about injustices. I don't believe that we just need to developer tougher exteriors. Nurses need to stick together and find solutions ...maybe consider drafting some legislations or consider "travel unions"? Suggestions?
  11. by   Rntr
    You are so right and it happens everyday out there....if a hospital "can" find fault they are free of any penalties when getting "rid" of a traveler....just remember that when considering a contract...what is in the contract about your liability when being's a crap shoot.

    Can you name one company that reduced their part of the pie with the recession....nope but they have all reduced the income for the nurse..
  12. by   pdrgeez
    I hope you realize I'm not a recruiter, guys.....
    I'm so traumatized by my last travel assignment that I'm licking my wounds and considering NEVER traveling again. I had a decent experience with Liquid Agents, but my last two experiences were Horrible. I don't think it was much of the agency's fault, I think it was the hospital. But it doesn't make it any easier to explain it to the adult children. It's really affecting my self esteem.....
  13. by   Rntr
    About the only thing I can say to this is if you didn't read your contract or maybe they didn't put it in your's but the fact that they had the clause about changing the contract if needed was pure bs.... why have a contract?

    Good luck to you and anyone that works for them..