Any opinions on these hospitals?

  1. Hey all! Time for me to start looking for another assignment. What do you think of ...
    1. NYC-Beth Isreal, Columbia, Cornell, St. Luke's
    2.Florida-Shand's, Sera sota(spelled right?)
    3.Virginia-Inova System in Alexandria or Falls Church
    4. D.C.-Any hospital??
    Let me know what you all think or have heard. My specialty is ICU/CVICU/MICU/SICU. Thanks!!!
    p.s. my recruiter has "wonderful" things to say, but she I need opinions from nurses with REAL EXPERIENCES as these places. Thanks!!
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  3. by   sexyaqr
    I am presently at NY pres-Corneil. It is a really great hospital. The staff is really receptive to travelers. I an an ICU nurse but I did a PACU assignment here. Great!!!!
  4. by   Beneficence
    How is NYC??? Do you have good housing? How do the docs and nurses get along as far as you can tell? Do you know how the travelers like the ICU? Are you finding your way around pretty well...So many questions
  5. by   sexyaqr
    I am from NY originally so I can be a little biased. Nurses have a great deal of autonomy here. Most of the doctors are great. I only work in large teaching hospitals by the way. I heard from other travelers the housing is not as great as the other cities they have been to. I will be leaving in two weeks for John Hopkins in Maryland.
  6. by   rnerin
    Shands in Gainesville is a HUGE system-tons of nursing research comes out of this hospital;affiliated with UF-lots of students and residents. Gainesville is a typical big college town-traffic is murder on football Saturdays, and it is hot as $@^% until the end of September. Sarasota is on the (Gulf of Mexico) west coast-nice affluent area. I worked at Sarasota Memorial in the CIC for 8 months (8/05-3/06)-nice hospital-I had a good experience, although the unit wasn't overly challenging.
  7. by   cvryder
    I worked at Inova Alexandria in ICU. It's not a bad ICU but it's very badly managed. I considered going to Falls Church but was warned off by a friend who broke her contract there after I left Alexandria. Mt. Vernon and Fair Oaks are supposed to be pretty decent though.

  8. by   caroladybelle
    I have written before about Beth Israel - not a good experience.

    Cornell -NYP - awesome place.

    Florida hospitals - expect lower pay and poor ratios in general. Though, I have heard good things about Sarasota hospitals.
  9. by   Beneficence
    I just took a position in cvicu in Alexandria (Inova). Wish me luck. Start in one month
  10. by   nightingale
    Quote from Beneficence
    I just took a position in cvicu in Alexandria (Inova). Wish me luck. Start in one month

    I wish you well. Let us know how you like it!
  11. by   km2066
    i work in the st. lukes ed and love it
  12. by   sassyg0110
    Wish you the best...keep us posted