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  1. km2066

    Barnes ER vs Surgical/Trauma ICU

    Have you made it to st. louis yet? Where did you decide to work?
  2. km2066

    Wishing to work in California, from another state

    so if i live out of state and want to hurry up the process, then when visiting california, i can go to sacramento and live scan my fingerprints, provide whatever info they need, and get a temporary license?
  3. km2066

    who cannot care for ventilated TB pts?

    Did you consider asking the doctors from Infection Control what the rules/recommendations were regarding a pregnant woman caring for a vented pt with TB? I'm a pregnant nurse, working in the ED, who has been around pt's with TB, sometimes in isolation and sometimes not....that said, I've also been told that the vent is a closed system and the threat of catching TB is not much to worry about. In these cases what is "believed" may not be actual fact and the best thing would be to ask those who can provide information to either reduce or increase (!) a staff person's concern. That said, you can never escape that one incident where "something" happens, so allowing a pregnant nurse to care for another pt while taking over that person with TB is very much appreciated.
  4. km2066

    Any opinions on these hospitals?

    i work in the st. lukes ed and love it
  5. km2066


    has anyone worked at St. Louis University hospital or Barnes Jewish on Kingshighway?
  6. km2066

    NP vs CNS

  7. km2066

    NP vs CNS

    I'm currently in school to become a psych NP. I've looked at the Missouri board of nursing website and saw that there were a number of CNSs registered but only 1 NP in St. Louis. I was wondering if anyone has information regarding why there would be more CNSs vs. NPs in St. Louis. I called the board of nursing and was told that both could prescribe medications and that she thought there was more of one than another due to insurance reimbursement issues and recommended I call the certifying body to ask questions. I checked the website of the certifying body and it looks to me like the CNS position may be more educational and the NP more direct care. I haven't followed up with a phone call yet. Just wondering if any of you out there have thoughts on this.......I'm planning on working in St. Louis when I graduate. Thanks
  8. km2066

    Real Life in NYC

    hope it helps