Anchorage, Alaska

  1. Hi, new travel nurse here. My maiden voyage is probably going to be to Anchorage, AK. Before I accept the assignment, does anyone have anecdotes or feedback? It's a 13 week assignment beginning in December.
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  3. by   sirI
    Quote from pearldora
    hi, new travel nurse here. my maiden voyage is probably going to be to anchorage, ak. before i accept the assignment, does anyone have anecdotes or feedback? it's a 13 week assignment beginning in december.
    and welcome to

    great to have you with us. your assignment sounds very intriguing.

    enjoy the site.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome. I lived in Alaska for two years. Anchorage is very cold and snowy but truly no more so than the midwest. I lived at Ft. Greely which is in the interior where it is truly dark 5 months out of the year - its 500 miles north of Anchorage. Good luck - we enjoyed our stay!
  5. by   bluestar
    Wow, I'm envious. Let us know about your impressions of "the last frontier."
  6. by   JazmynRN
    Hello, I traveled to Anchorage last year as my first travel assignment. It was awesome! The people are diverse and great. The city is small but jam packed with great things. Make sure you check out Moose's Tooth for great pizza, Humpy's for great beer, and the Brewhouse has this chicken Appetizer that will melt in your mouth. Oh and work was good too!!!
  7. by   pearldora
    Thanks for the feedback! Jaz, did you work at providence or regional?
  8. by   JazmynRN
    I worked at Regional. There are travelers there that work assignments at Prov and when the assignment up they travel over to Regional. I met some travelers that have been doing that for 3 years! Oh something I forgot to mention.....I have a Sprint cell phone and I had trouble with it the entire time I was there. Make sure your cell phone has that global positioning thingy or else it may or may not work. If you like to cook a lot, make sure you get a Sam's or Costco card, because meat and veggies can be very expensive at the local grocery store. I paid 15.00 for a 6pack of uncooked chicken breast!!!
  9. by   pearldora
    Wow! Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, I decided not to commit to this assignment. Wasn't real comfortable w/ the travel agency that was going to send me. I think I'll try to Anchorage over summer months instead of in the "dead" of winter. California here I come!!!!