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  1. pearldora

    New Traveler to California

    Run, don't walk to either the Napa valley area or the Santa Cruz area. Especially this time of year. There are several agencies that are placing nurses in Queen of the Valley Hosp in Napa and two diff hosps. in Santa Cruz. Napa is 45 min north of San Fran (beautiful drive), and Santa Cruz is RIGHT ON THE BEACH, and is about 45 mins south of San Fran. Travel Nurse friendly staff in both locales. Also, I saw a recent post for Travel Nurses at San Quentin Prison. Don't laugh. It's the highest paying gig I've ever seen. After working in a "locked-down" unit at a hosp that admitted prisoners, it's a safe gig. 2 guards stand by you at all times. Prisoners are close-tv monitored w/ one ankle handcuffed to bed. If you want to see the post, go to craigslist.com. It's easy to get around in that website and postings can be found there. Good luck! San Quentin is in the heart of San Fran and you could use your "off" time to day drip around - lots and lots of fun places to explore. Also, you could use the time to find a hosp around the area where you might like to go next. It's a travel nurse's market all over the place up there. There are national contractors who have these positions. Surfs up!!!
  2. pearldora

    Aureus Medical

    If you're shopping around for a reputable travel agency, read through back posts in this forum and also in other nursing forums. This research will bring you to a good company. There are a zillion to choose from and many are like "used car salesmen". I researched and it quickly became apparent that there are only a handful that have good reputations across the board. From those, it's easy to whittle it down to 2-3. Then contact them and see if they have positions available in the city/state you're interested in. Good luck! (P.S. After reading through old posts, I ruled Aureus out very quickly!)
  3. pearldora

    Aureus Medical

    Repeat post
  4. pearldora

    Traveler with minimal experience as an RN

    Oops! My bad - 25 years! All the better!
  5. pearldora

    Traveler with minimal experience as an RN

    Wow! I'd be thrilled to welcome an RN w/ 17 yrs of LPN/LVN experience! Congratulations on getting your degree. That's perserverance! I'm happy for you and can understand why that hospital "grabbed you up" the minute they got the chance! Aren't you glad ($$) you followed through? Good luck in your "new" career!
  6. pearldora

    Any traveling nurses out there willing to give advice?

    Here's my 2 cents. Pick an area of the country you'd like to live in for a year or two and research hospitals in that area. Find out what kind of specialized training they offer new grads in NICU. Many have programs designed to "groom" grad nurses in specialty fields. For instance, University Hospitals. Some will even pay you relocation fees and sign-on bonuses. You won't regret the training/grooming/mentorship you'll receive. That's my thoughts. I wish you well.
  7. pearldora

    Renewing a contract

    Don't forget to ask for "loyalty bonus" if you're extending w/ same agency...
  8. pearldora

    Internet access while traveling?

    Cable hook-up. I used to have dial-up, and oh my word! It's so much slower! It's not that expensive per month and no equipment to worry about.
  9. pearldora

    lap tops........

    I love my Toshiba. For travel purposes, I keep an msn.com e-mail acct so that it doesn't change when I move. Just keep discs around to back up stuff occasionally. I bought mine 2 yrs ago on a 12 mo same-as-cash, no interest plan through a computer store that issues their own credit cards. Always nice to draw interest on my own money for those 12 mos, instead of paying for it outright and letting them draw interest on it. Just divvy the total price by 12 mos to figure out your own monthly payment. AND, for heaven's sake, as a banker's daughter, my best advice is NEVER to make a late payment, and never, never, never spend more than you make. NEVER let other ppl make interest on your money. Back to the laptop discussion
  10. pearldora

    please help- can't decide!

    It sounds like you have your heart set in L.A., but let me offer you another CA alternative. There are assignments available in the Napa Valley and Sonoma areas just north of San Francisco. I completed an assignment in Napa, CA, then went south of San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Beach, Beach, Beach!!! And rolling hills/mtns. No traffic. Napa Valley is just starting spring season, the vineyards are blooming! I'm from Kansas. Will be returning back to Calif as soon as I have minor surgery. Hosp staff couldn't be nicer. Napa is approx 45 min north of San Fran and Santa Cruz is about 45 min south. Close enough for day trips to Fisherman's Wharf, but away from the hustle and bustle of commuter living. Good Luck to you!
  11. pearldora

    CA state Licensure... How long does it take!

    I did the "walk through" in Calif. in December. If you call ahead, they will NOT let you know what they have and have not received as far as transcripts or State Licensure certification. Believe me, I called and called. The best thing to do is confirm with the school/schools that all was sent, and also confirm with your State Board where you initiated the certification request that the cert. has been sent. I was so nervous about this, that my State Board actually faxed a notice to the Calif Board stating they had submitted the certification to them. I didn't want to get to the Calif Board and not have all my ducks in a row. If you do the "walk through" (which is a breeze), you'll just have to drive a little ways to the Dept of Justice (the Calif Board will give you directions if you're not sure where it is), and have them scanned there. OR, you can mapquest and find your way to the Dept of Justice first and get your fingerprint scans. For the walk-through, you have to use the scan, not fingerprint cards. If you're doing this the long way and not planning on actually going to Sacramento to get a temp nursing license, or if your state is part of the NURSYS program, a sister program that can electronically transfer Board info directly to Calif., your best option and quickest way to get the temp license under which to practice in Calif is the walk-through. You get a temp license while the permanent licensure goes into process. i believe you get the perm license w/in 4-6 months. I hope this helps!
  12. pearldora

    What company do you use?

    to put my money where my mouth is, here's a couple of links regarding world health alternatives. http://pittsburgh.bizjournals.com/search/?t=&op=query&s=&q=world+health+alternatives&am=&am=365_days&r=20 http://www.corporateinformation.com/snapshot.asp?cusip=98147t104 industry insiders say that they'd be surprised if this company is in business much longer. these are just a few of the links i was able to find. if they file for bankruptcy, it will be their second time... i'd hate for any travelling nurses to all of the sudden not get a paycheck!!!
  13. pm me if you'd like info
  14. pearldora

    What company do you use?

    I would be very careful going w/ world health right now. Do a google search and do some homework. They are currently underinvestigating for tax fraud and have several class action lawsuits pending against them. They also filed for bankruptcy near the end of 2005. This is all out there on search engines. just look up their name and lawsuit, or their name and tax evasion.... Just trying to help!!!
  15. pearldora

    What company do you use?

    charity, i'm in northern california. it's wonderful here...
  16. pearldora

    Benefits And Bonuses

    World Health Alternatives, Inc., provides rental cars. But I don't recommend them as a recruiter. They have several class action law suits pending against them, and I believe they filed for bankruptcy in 2005. Beware! This company pays VERY WELL, but work for them at your own risk.