1. I was wondering if anyone has done any assignments as a Critical Nurse in Alaska. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   BarbPick
    This is the best I can do...I visited Alaska with my husband. We agreed when he retired, I would do travel Nursing there. I spoke with a few nurses, and they loved it. They have Native American Hospitals there. I found it interesting. I would go and live there in a heartbeat, all sun time or all night time.
  4. by   Cubby
    My dream location is Cicely Alaska!!!!!
    For those of you who don't know or remember it was the fictional town that Northern Exposure was set in!!! Yes, I live in a fantasy world!
  5. by   mammabear
    I am now on my third travel assignment in AK doing ER There are lots of travelers here and many extend.
  6. by   rick3114

    i'm a well experienced dialysis/apheresis nurse wanting to check out anchorage, or juneau for a travel assignment during june, july and august. do u know any agency that can help me go?
  7. by   Medic15251
    We are starting an assignment in anchorage at a new facility in january. Looking forward to it.
  8. by   zipporah
    I have alaska on my list too, are there jobs there in other places but anchorage? I work ICU or CVICU, any reports?
  9. by   babynurse2001
    I live in Ketchikan, AK, which is the southernmost city in Alaska. It is similar to Juneau in climate as in wet but not too cold. I can't speak for all of Alaska but can tell you we are pretty deperate down here for nurses. We need OB, ICU, ER, House Supervisors, you name it we need it. We take staff, travelers, and private contracts. I don't know specifically which agencies we use but I could find out pretty easily if you want to PM me I will get back to you. I work OB and if there are any OB travelers out there that are interested I REALLY want to hear from you!
  10. by   zipporah
    Where are you mama bear? I am looking for reports from other places in alaska than anchorage....
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  11. by   ICUERRN8
    I am in Alaska now doing a critical care contract---Anchorage. I love Alaska, but not the assignment. I hope to do other areas t/o Alaska. I know Barrow, Bethel, Sitka and Ketchikan are always looking. You have Homer, also, once in awhile.
  12. by   herseyjh

    I am right next door in the Yukon. It sounds like there is a need for contract RNs in Alaska. For my review so far most of the big contract companies seem to forget about Alaska. Any suggestions to which company I should contact?