Advise Please...whatchoo think???

  1. I have been thinking very seriously about becoming a traveling nurse for the past coupla days...sent in my resume long ago and was called two days ago about an assignment...I have had it with the bull doody crapola when one is a member of permanent staff in a hospital. I think I could handle 13 weeks anywhere,well almost anywhere...
    Tell me,what made you decide to travel? Have you regretted that decision? Do you still prefer traveling over permanent employment at ONE facility???
    I have been to the boards at delphi and am still wondering...should I seriously consider this as an option??? I am sick of the politics and lack of incentive given by hospitals...I am tired of being yanked around from one unit to the other...
    Could yall give me some insights???
    Thanks bunches!!!!
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  3. by   tirramisue
    I've been traveling for 5 years. I started traveling after major burnout when I had only been nursing for 1.5 years. Traveling has helped save my sanity. Although the pay is not excellent, it is still more than hospital employees make, and allows me to take 2-3 months off from work each year. I also feel more in control, I get to pick where I go and my recruiter caters to me.
    I recently had an incident where I was being asked to take a patient assignment I was not comfortable with. Although my recruiter was at home, she called me back with 20 minutes and quickly had the situation resolved. Never had that happen with a nurse manager.
  4. by   live4today
    I initially became a traveling nurse to get out of Ohio and away from my ex since I had been recently divorced. I needed a place other than where the divorce took place and the pain remained, so I took an assignment, and moved to Hawaii! Best move I ever regrets to this day, and that was in 1988 when I first went over there. I was hooked on traveling nursing after that, and stayed with it for quite sometime afterwards.....never regretting one moment of it. I'd do it again in a a matter of fact......I'm counting on doing it again....Lord willing! :kiss
  5. by   CATHYW
    Interesting thread. I, too, have been considering traveling, just this week! Do any of you know if there is a need for traveling occ health nurses, short stay surgery, or same day surgery? I have a bad knee and a bad ankle that won't premit me to stand (and run!) for 8-12 hours straight. I'd appreciate hearing anyone's input.
  6. by   suzannasue
    Thanks for the support, yall...I am so &*^%ing tired of the doody a full time staff member must endure...this very same facility was SO MUCH NICER to me when I was a prn...wish I could afford to be "part-time"...alas my financial situation does not allow...
    I have worked with travelers and have always enjoyed them...
    I am at my wits end folks...too much politics and certain hineys getting smooched all the time (speaking of certain MD's)...13 weeks with an option to renew...hmmmmm...and then if I say "no, I need to go somewhere else"...they assign me... sign on bonuses,completion bonuses, free housing,mileage...very very tempting...just need alittle more research...
    Thanks again for your support and words of wisdom...

    Cathy, I hope you can find a traveling position for your needs..having read many of your posts, I would consider you an asset to any facilty and if I were in administration, I would make a position for you that would not tax your injuries...
  7. by   bagladyrn
    Coming up on 6 years as a traveler now, after many years in the same place. Left there for a lot of the same reasons you cite and have never regretted it. I'm still enjoying life on the road, and have no plan to stop any time soon.
    Being able to divorce oneself from the politics is a big plus. So is knowing that if a situation is unpleasant, it's only temporary. It's amazing how all the petty b.s. just rolls right off now.
  8. by   rncopper
    After being a nurse for 8 years, in mgmt for part of those, I started traveling 1 1/2 years ago. It was the best decision I have ever made. I still have a home to go to that has all my stuff (in SD) and I am going to all the places I have wanted to visit. I AM A PERPETUAL TOURIST and get paid at a job, to boot!! But you really need to be confident in yourself and your skills. Orientation (if you get one) at each assignment is like: where the bathroom, lunch room, and the way to get in after dark is!!!
  9. by   CATHYW
    Suzanna, I am late getting back to this thread. Thank you, so much, for your kind words. You really don't know what it is like to read something nice like that!

    I haven't heard anything from anyone about the areas I mentioned. I sure am enjoying reading everyone's posts, though; they are helpful and educational!
  10. by   mompn
    I liked how you coined your traveling as "perpetual tourist" Would you mind sharing some of the places you have been and what you thought. I was just in your area last week on vacation, Rapid City, SD.
    I am interested in doing work in Colorado, possibly the Denver or Colorado Springs area.........have you ever been here?
    Thanks for your time !
    I started travel nursing 3 yrs ago, I married a man and we were immidately posted to South Africa, when as a Nurse I was putting myself at risk to work there AIDS there is 3 to 1 and they dont use alot of one use items there I thought best I go where I know its safe. Back to the states I went, 13 weeks and I kept my skills up to boot. First assignment was in California at San Fransisco at California Pacific Med Center, cool place and they paid well and It gave me a chance to see that side of the USA considering I was from Alabama, after 13 weeks I had the option to resign, I chose not to do to I wanted to return to my husband. After a few months of sitting on my butt and doing nothing but being a June Cleaver, I took another assignment, Nebraska this time in the dead of winter lol, well the Place was nice the people were great and I had a blast playing and driving in the snow. Well I am now working on my 3rd assignment with the same hospital in Nebraska with a nice 3 to 6 mo break in between , I keep my ceus' up when Im in the states , get my certifications I need , and I make some nice cash while Im doing it. I start back to school Next spring at Ucla, and I will travel to their as well.. I now live in Cairo Egypt and I wont work there , was offered $400.00 a month us dollars to supervise an OR at 12 hours a day and 5 days a week with call , hows that for insult.... so I say well honey Its time I get to packing and he doesnt mind , he and I see each other when Im home from assignment and he likes to travel to the states and check out the new area Im at.... I hope to return to a Normal full time working job one day when we get posted to the states but if not Traveling has been wonderful , and I have met some wonderful people that I will carry with me in my heart always. I say try it once and you can say you have done it but yes you can do anything for 13 weeks , just look how long you have put up with where your at....
  12. by   rncopper
    I have been to Las Vegas (liked the town but hated the hospital), Bremerton, Washingtion (across from Seattle on the Olympic Pennisula) and right now I am in Barrow, Alaska (it is the northern most part of the US). In fact, 2 days ago, I saw 9 polar bears, and not in cages!!!! The first 2 I stayed approximately 20 weeks, though I am trying to stay in Barrow 1 year. My 3rd contract here ends mid-Jan and I may leave then because of the politics.(I have been here since mid-March). I promised my recruiter that she could pick the next assignment and since she is in FL, that is probably where I will go.
  13. by   mickaylaRN
    I'd just like to express my excitement and joy at seeing all the positive replies on this thread! I too have been looking into travel for several months now, and browsing these forums for advice and insight was usually more discouraging than helpful. I have almost 1.5 years experience in critical care, started there straight out of school. I've been concerned with my level of motivation at work lately, and feel discouraged by the fact that I am already beginning to burn out....politics polictics politics!!.... I just want to take care of my patients! I just accepted my first assignment in Harbor City, CA. I'm scared to death... it's a Kaiser facility...I know I'm going to be worked HARD, but I am confident in my skills and up for the 13 week challenge! Good luck to you suzannasue!
  14. by   rn/writer
    Just a word of caution--

    The most recent post in this thread was made back in 2002. The economy has tightened considerably since then, and travel nursing has changed. Many hospitals have far more job applicants than they can possibly use and no longer need to use travel nurses. Others have cut way back and limit their use of travel nurses to highly skilled positions that require years of specialized experience.

    I don't want to rain on your parade. But anyone considering travel nursing should do lots of research before they take the plunge.
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