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I may be laid of my currect job and if I am then I think I would do travel nursing since the job market is not very good here. So where do I even start looking for an agency that is good? maybe with benefits and good pay?

There are plenty on google, but what are the good ones? I would like to travel in WA, OR, and ID. Let me know what you know. Thanks guys.

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Check out Highway Hypodermics. They rank the agencies. I would recommend contacting 3-4 of them.

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Gonna depend upon your priorities. Are you gonna want more hand-holding from an agency or are you fine with someone who doesn't call after you start working? Smaller agencies usually have a more personal touch, but they don't always have a lot of jobs. The larger agencies always have jobs but they aren't as personal and don't usually pay as much.

I'd list with a few different agencies (used to list with 6). Kept a good mix of large and smaller companies, if someone didn't have a job where I wanted, odds are one of the others would. Don't ever let 2 companies submit you for the same job, your applications will cancel each other out. So keep track of where you submit.

You'll have people say good and bad about all companies...honestly, it really takes a leap of faith to just pick someone and go with them. American Mobile, one of the larger companies, has jobs everywhere..but I don't like the company so I won't travel with them. HRN, specifically Cami is awesome...never traveled with them myself but 2 close friends did and loved them.

Just a bit of advice: travelling is even harder right now than regular staffing. (Finding jobs I mean) They are posted and gone in a matter of minutes or hours, not like days like it used to be. And make sure when you go out on the road, to have enough money saved up to cover a month or two if you lose your job. It can be tough, trying to get back home with no money. Anything else I can do, let me know.

i totally agree with the last post.

I think traveling should be done mostly for the experience of visiting new cities and meeting new people, learn from that experience and have fun! Traveling can be very stressful since you are basically pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, is not just a new job is also a new environment.

It takes some planning, and some risky situations! I just got to california and the company delay my start date to next month! I almost panic, but nurses, we are problem solvers right? well... i am doing registry for now, and i love it! I meet wonderful people at all different facilities while i wait for my assignment to start.

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