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Signed a contract 3 weeeks ago with them and so far I am very far from impressed.

Worked the week of June the 4th and won't see a paycheck till Friday the 22nd!

I would advise anyone to be very cautious in their dealings with Nightingale, esp. concerning the housing. This is a company that advertises great housing, that I have yet to see.

Never again will I deal with these people. When my contract is completed, it will be goodbye Nightingale forever!

RUN, RUN, RUN is my best advice to anyone considering them as a travel nurse company.

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Despite their advertisement of being a travel nurse company, the housing department really is "YOUR'S TRULY"!!

You are instructed that you will be getting a housing allowance in addition to your pay. Not the case.

The pay and this supposed "housing allowance" are the same thing!! They suggest bidding on the net

for rooms!! I couldn't believe it!

The whole thing really is a very sad joke. All on the unsuspecting RN. I have travelled before and always

was paid the week after orientation and received furnished corporate housing. How I regret getting involved

with these Nightingale jokers.

Best advice to any nurse hearing from them and considering working for them is RUN!!

You will only run up your credit card for accommodation and keep waiting to receive your first

pay check! TOTALLY UNREAL!!

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They pay the nurses the 3rd week after you start!! For housing, they like to use Extended Stay America. As far as 2 hours or more from your assigned facility!! They will never give you the corporate code to get a break on any housing.

And they lose your paperwork and lab results too!!

Do yourself a big favor and keep running if Nightingale comes knocking!

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Thanks! I get a lot of email from them...called one time to talk to a recruiter and lots of warning bells went off in my gut. VERY glad I stayed away!

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There lots of nurses at Highway Hypodermics who have listed Nightingale as their WORST travel experience.

I work ICU and know they are charging the facility specialty rates but yet all Nightingale thinks I deserve is a rundown

Extended Stay America that doesn't even have hot water in the next state! All of them are useless, even the VP's.

Nightingale says that other companies pay the nurses biweekly BUT they pay weekly! Big deal. They hold your money

hostage till 3 weeks into the contract. I have never experienced such lunacy before. I was always paid promptly and on a timely basis the week after orientation when I travelled before.

The fall out and financial hardships due to dealing with these people are starting to take their toll on my marriage. I can't help my husband with the bills, especially the ones run up dealing with housing to do this contract until I get paid. If they lie about anything else that was on the contract or mess my pay up I will bail and find another company.

Make sure u read fine print, if contract does not work out, they only pay minimum wage only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All agencies can do that, and that will be upheld by the state labor board. Here is how that works: when a contract goes sour and a traveler is "fired" for cause (real or not), the contract is now breached and some of the terms will no longer apply. Including the contracted rate. But they must pay you for time worked, and the minimum standard is minimum state hourly.

Mind you, not all agencies will do that, even though they can. But if you look at the bean counter's perspective, they see expenses galore from a cancelled contract, and the ability to recover from the traveler. That is a bit short sighted in my opinion (depending on the circumstances), but that is what many agencies do, and why there is a penalty clause (also known as a "claw-back" provision) in every travel contract from every agency.

From a civil standpoint, if you are mad enough to sue, you will probably be awarded the contractual hourly. After all, you worked those hours before the contract was terminated. However, it takes a lot of time and money to seek a court solution, and the penalty clauses in most contracts are likely to vastly exceed the difference between minimum wage and the contracted amount.

I am a staff nurse in South Florida and there was a man that came here as a traveller. I think he said his contract was for 8 weeks only. He said he was with Nightingale, and was extremely upset because he drove from Virginia, or somewhere in that area, to South Florida, only to realize that he lost the job when he was 2 hours away from his destination. Then, they somehow fixed that flub-up, and when he went to his housing place, there was some kind of issue and he had no place to stay. Also mentioned about not getting paid. Staaaayyy awwaaayyy!

I saw that in my contract and I couldn't believe it. fortunately I only signed an 8 week contract, have my own housing so I don't take money for it. in five weeks this company will just be a memory.

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What a shame to have an agency such as this carry the name of Florence Nightingale. She must be turning in her grave!! :o

Wish I had heard those warning bells. Kinda heard them but the recruiter was very smooth. OMG what a mess. I had no idea there were human beings like that group. I agree STAY AWAY!!!!! Run, Run Run!!! Hang up phone ASAP. They are monsters!!!

You will be in your grave or in mental hospital if you try to deal with that bunch.

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