Transitions: On Becoming a Nursing Student

We are no longer dreaming, applying, and simply taking prerequisites. As nursing school acceptance letters and emails begin arriving, thousands of individuals' lives step into a new, transitional stage in their lives: pre-nursing student status. We stand on the threshold between the worlds of "hopeful" and "nursing student." And because of where we are, we have the clear vision of what it has taken for us to get this close to our dream of nursing school and yet somewhat blissfully unaware of truly knowing all that lies ahead. This is an open letter to those who will teach, mentor, and preceptor us.


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I am starting this journey with you on March 17th. Rollercoaster is the perfect word to use. We can use allnurses for inspiration, help, and courage.


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Well put! Best of luck, nursing school is a rollercoaster but it's fun too, and trust me when I say, you make some really good friends. :)


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I loved this essay. It's a great depiction of the excitement we all feel heading out on this journey! Thank you for sharing and best of luck in all of your studies!!


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love this article. I wish you the best of your journey. I will be starting in August and I am so ready for this rollercoaster to begin :)


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Wonderful article!

May I add When you see us, please remember, we are reading, studying and asking endless questions too! As you embark on this wonderful career you will encounter many experienced nurses who are re-entering the academic world as we need to have our BSN because our diplomas or ADN's are no longer 'good enough'. We have many of the same apprehensions that you have entering college while juggling family, homework, life and work.

Also I do hope you are that marshmallow at times because it means you care and you want to make sure you are always doing your best!

Good luck

from a fellow RN to BSN college student, working, Mom


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I too loved this article! I have been wanting to become an RN for years, but of course life in general, and having a husband and child, and working fulltime, need every penny to make a living, plus not sure previously had the courage to attempt nursing school, but now truly believe I do have what it takes. I had previously worked as a unit clerk in a hospital setting on every floor (Ob/GYN, oncology, cardiac, etc.) and loved it, loved assisting the nurses whether in paperwork, running errands, or assisting with patients.

I already have 36 college credits; however, taken those over the years to enhance whatever job I was currently in and will have to take a lot more courses before I can go into nursing program. Right now, working on the math and English prereqs, then will take the chemistry course and go on from there for the pre-nursing courses. It will take forever to do all this by only taking 2 courses per semester, so I am hoping that when I get enough of the main courses out of the way, so that I can enroll in the nursing program, that after (trying to be positive here) I am accepted in the nursing program, I will apply to the HRSA nursing grant/scholarship program that pays all if not most of the tuition and books, other fees and also pay a monthly stipend to the student, and (hopefully - fingers and toes crossed here) after being approved and accepted, I will quit my full time job that has been paying the bills and helping to keep my family "afloat", and go full time to school and if possible in between, work a part time job. This is my main A plan. However, if for some unforeseen crazy reason, this plan fails, I will go to plan B - keep plugging away at it until I get there and/or a better plan shows itself!

It was very encouraging to read your article. Thank you!

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tonijia58NS: I am glad you were encouraged by my article. "Just keep swimming" ;) You will get there!