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  1. I am hoping that a new thread on Stratford will spur some more recent feedback. I am looking at attending largely based on being a military spouse and their rolling admissions that will allow me to get in and complete my post bacc BSN before my husband is stationed elsewhere. Because the school is new there is little feedback and I really want to know that I will not be wasting time and money as I plan on continuing my education afterward eventually getting my DNP (long way down the road big picture plans). Here's what I know: NCLEX Pass rate of 68% (they are a new program though so I'm not sure how concerning this is, as it may be a case of working out the kinks as the first few graduating classes make it through). They have provisional approval by the VA Board of Licensing (again they are newer and I'm not sure how long full approval takes). University nationally accredited by ACICS to award associates through masters degrees. Nationally accredited by CCNE. NLN Member school. Class size is small 7-9 students per class (as quoted by admissions). They run on the 5 quarter system and get only 2 weeks off at Christmas allowing it to be a somewhat accelerated program if you take 3 courses per 10 week quarter. It says on website there are both on site clinicals and an Internship program with Virginia Cancer Institute and James River Primary Care.....can anyone elaborate on this one for me, are onsite clinicals legit?? It just doesn't seem possible to me. Are there other schools that do this? I am going to run some more questions by the adviser (I'll share answers here when I get them) but I would also really like to hear feedback from actual students!! I need to know that a degree from this school will not only equip me to excel in the nursing field but that it will also enable me to continue my education in the future! Many Thanks for your responses!!