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Stratford University need advice and feedback please!

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I am hoping that a new thread on Stratford will spur some more recent feedback. I am looking at attending largely based on being a military spouse and their rolling admissions that will allow me to get in and complete my post bacc BSN before my husband is stationed elsewhere. Because the school is new there is little feedback and I really want to know that I will not be wasting time and money as I plan on continuing my education afterward eventually getting my DNP (long way down the road big picture plans).

Here's what I know:

NCLEX Pass rate of 68% (they are a new program though so I'm not sure how concerning this is, as it may be a case of working out the kinks as the first few graduating classes make it through).

They have provisional approval by the VA Board of Licensing (again they are newer and I'm not sure how long full approval takes).

University nationally accredited by ACICS to award associates through masters degrees.

Nationally accredited by CCNE. NLN Member school.

Class size is small 7-9 students per class (as quoted by admissions).

They run on the 5 quarter system and get only 2 weeks off at Christmas allowing it to be a somewhat accelerated program if you take 3 courses per 10 week quarter.

It says on website there are both on site clinicals and an Internship program with Virginia Cancer Institute and James River Primary Care.....can anyone elaborate on this one for me, are onsite clinicals legit?? It just doesn't seem possible to me. Are there other schools that do this?

I am going to run some more questions by the adviser (I'll share answers here when I get them) but I would also really like to hear feedback from actual students!! I need to know that a degree from this school will not only equip me to excel in the nursing field but that it will also enable me to continue my education in the future!

Many Thanks for your responses!!

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I saw the price tag and couldn't believe it! Yikes. Also, without regional accreditation, it's a bit iffy as to whether or not your credits/degree will transfer to another institution for future education (MSN, DNP, etc.). For $66,600 in tuition, I'd want regional accreditation as well.

Thank you so much for your reply!!

I agree it's a bit steep but not unheard of in the realm of accelerated programs. If it means I don't have to pay to maintain two households b/c hubby got stationed elsewhere before I could finish a program I'll suck it up.

I'm right there with you on accreditation though...it has me worried considering I'm 100% sure I want to continue my education.

Speaking on woodbridge campus program only......Yes the program is very new and not regionally accredited. Those are the two major downsides to the program. However...... the program is ccne accredited and is good and strong and prepares students to be smart competent nurses. The faculty always has student and patient best interests in mind and they are not trying to turn out nurses for the sake of $. They are well rounded, experienced icu/er nurses teaching skills and lectures. Im not sure what you mean by on site clinicals...... I am in the same boat... military spouse needing to finish before service member is relocated. However. .... I am not sold on getting my masters, ever, so I am content with not needing to transfer credits. At this point in the game I just want to get my bsn.

I am happy in the program.

stratford falls church campus has a 68% pass rate. Woodbridge campus has 100% as of q513 when the first cohort graduated. While the accreditation is provisional under falls church, woodbridge is attaining their own accreditation.

Thank you so much for your feedback douxmusique! It sounds like there may be a lack of consistency between the two campuses.....interesting but not surprising given I'm sure they have separate directors etc.

I'm so very glad it is working out well for you, The ability to get in without the long application period etc is huge when you've only got two years in a place and you don't find out your moving there till a few months before. In the end for me I think I'm going to have to keep my fingers crossed my hubby can extend his tour in DC or just deal with splitting our family for a bit b/c I have every intention of eventually working toward my DNP and working in an integrative health clinic, that regional accreditation is a deal breaker for me.

Im not sure what you mean by on site clinicals......

On the ]Nursing page of their website it says they have on site clinicals...that's also what the adviser told me when I asked where they were the clinical portion was conducted, I just don't get how that would even work. I submitted a request for clarification on that and many other things but I have yet to hear back.

Best of luck on all your future endeavors!!

We have our clinicals in hospitals. If thats what on site means.

And yes the two programs are completely separate and have their own accreditations.

Good luck to you as well :)

Can any current Stratford University nursing students provide me insight into the BSN program?

Would you be willing to speak with me regarding the Stratford University Woodbridge program? My daughter is graduating from high school and we are researching different schools?

Hey guys so I am attending stratford university nursing program right now, and I was looking for recent post about it at first before I applied but I did not see a lot of post about it. So far I just took medical terminology and biochemistry, the professors are very knowledgeable, I did not get as much knowledge and information when I was attending a well known university. If you are going to take biochemistry and you are attending falls church I would recommend taking Dr Mustafa, and Dr Awad for medical terminology. My main campus is woodbridge but I am taking classes in falls church because woodbridge schedule does not work well with my work schedule. I had to get permission in order for me to do that. Classes are small, professor actually care about you but you are not babied. You can find classes to work with your work schedule, but you have to study... because semesters are over every 9 weeks. I will update you guys after taking Nurs 100 and 110. my semester starts next 2 weeks.

Edit: Woodbridge Nclex is actually really good and they have their own accreditation.

As for school expense: I pay out of pocket, I am on a monthly plan so I have to work. So far I really enjoy that textbook is part of the tuition. Coming from a well known undergrad I know how book expense can pile up cost. So I am really grateful for that.

I really hope that this next semester goes well...but I will try to be as transparent as possible for anyone who is contemplating going to stratford or not . Definitely will take time to update you guys on the nursing program.

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So I am on my second semester of my nursing classes and chew last semester was crazy. it's a lot of self studying but It's doable, the classes are not easy. They also do not round your grades up. I had a 89.7 for a class, and the teacher gave me a B+. I also had to cut down my time at work because it was just too much.

advice for doing well in your classes:

find a small study group

print out power points and take notes

be organized

used youtube.... youtube will be your best friend

study your ati book

do not rely on the study guide. Study study study!

DO NOT CHEAT OR YOU WON'T DO WELL ON EXAMS. exams are application base.

Thanks for your informations. I’m planning to join there second degree nursing this year.

I was wondering for those of you attend Stratford university how do you like it and how has it been going