transferring fresh angio pts

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  1. How do you transfer fresh angio pts?

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      use slider board
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      use pull sheet only
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      pt scoots him/her self over
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And, does your transfer method vary if a closure device was used?

A nurse receiving my angio pt recently commented that lots of other hospitals allow the pt to scoot over from gurney to bed. I told her I thought that could cause bleeding, and asked for a slider board to be used.


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I voted for the slider board. I vote for the slider board to be used anytime a patient must be transferred who cannot or should not assist in the transfer. Do transporters arrive on the units with a slider board.............heck no. Should they? Absolutely! :nurse:

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Good point, Renee.

Most of the time when I'm bringing the pt back to his/her room post-cath, (AFTER I've phoned the nurse to give report), I end up going to look for the slider board myself, making the bed up, putting the rails down, readying everything for the transfer . . . Just observations :D.

Love the slider boards, BTW!

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Yep...I usually ask for a slider board. If none available, I've been known to go find one before the transfer can be made. Transporters should be trained a lot better, and not come up to the units with the excuses they have about why they are not prepared to transfer a patient safely. They want us nurses to have slider boards attached to our hips, or strength to pull the patient over and up in bed ourselves (which means usually the transporter and the nurse on a really crazy day). :rolleyes:


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ER is the only unit with a me why...we could use one on every unit.

Usually we use lift sheets. Would love to have a slider available. :)


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There are closure devices which allow immediate ambulation- ie:perclose.

Our treatment so far as activity varies according to closure device vs: hand pressure.

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Our patient come back with their lines in. They usually scoot themselves over, keeping the groing with the line in it straight. If the patient is still too drowsy from the versed or the groin looks unstable, we will use the blanket that is under the patient and do a four or five person lift to the bed. We don't seem to have any problems. If the patient is heavy, we sometimes use this nylon slider sheet, it has gel inside of it and helps patients to just glide over it, very useful for heavy patient (can't remember the name of it right now...)


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my post made itself a face....hmmmm

anyway its Perclose- that allows immediate ambulation

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