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Transfer to Floor, Same Hospital, Lower Pay

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i have been working within the same hospital for 21 months in california. i currently do not work on the floor, but within an non clinical department, however, i am utilizing my rn license. i do administer a few medications and start ivs if needed. but not often. i do not have floor experience, but i did work within the or for 8 months after graduating a few years ago. working within my non clinical environment is fairly easy and the pay is great, however, we are not using our nursing skills 95 percent of the time. in addition, there is no growth. i am pretty much stuck in this position. i've been trying to transfer for a long time, but it's been difficult with out clinical experience, but recently i was accepted for transfer within an new grad program on an oncology unit within my current hospital. i'm technically not a new graduate, have been a nurse for four years. however, they said the pay would be less, even though, i am a current employee. my current pay would not transfer over, because i would be considered a clinical nurse i, so i would be receiving a pay cut of about 3.36 per hour. they also say because they are training me, i must be paid the same as the other new graduates. i am not sure if it's worth it, less pay for more work on the unit. i keep thinking the experience would eventually bring me more pay in the end. what do you guys think..take the new job or stay?

What are your reasons for wanting to change jobs? I would not take a paycut to go to the floor, you may not like it and then you will be stuck. Could you apply at another hospital? Why are you trying to leave what sounds like a nice job?

I agree with the previous post. However, if it were to suit your needs for experience, it might be better in the long run. Too bad, you can't work out a hybrid arrangement. X number of hours at old job, old rate of pay, Y number of hours at new job, with the lower pay. That would be the best of both worlds. You are going to have to come up with a sound decision on this one. I would be inclined to stay with the good thing. That isn't necessarily what will be best for you. Good luck.

I would be leaving to gain experience and to eventually advance with a master's degree, I currently in my mid- 20's and have my BSN. So I have a long way to go if God allows. However, most of the master degree jobs require some floor experience. Or basically any job outside of my current department requires floor experience. I currently work within Blood Banking, very specialized. It's an okay job, pay is good, but no set schedules, 10 hr shifts, and if something goes wrong with the workers under you (lvn, techs) the discplinary action falls on you. Your responsible for everyones mess, But other than that it's okay, I just feel stuck.


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What i think you should do is to go get a job in ICU or ER. You will not only get alot of experience, but it will help you if/when you decide to go back to school. Schools (here anyway) like to see that exp. If new grads can get hired into ICUs and ERs, so can someone with a little clinical experience. I would hold out for one of those. Usually they pay on those floors is higher anyway.

If your reason for changing jobs is to gain nursing experience, then accept the offer. As you said, it may not be financially good for you but eventually, with more experience and a master's degree, you might get a higher pay. Every decision has its risks. I guess you will have to take that risk if you badly need an experience in the nursing field.

DO you see yourself working in that hospital for a long time?

How about applying at another hospital that can offer you a nursing experience but with a higher salary?

That is a tough one. I would say in the long run it sounds like the right thing to do, it just sucks that they are going to drop your pay. It is good however, that they are placing you in the new grad program so you can gain the experience you need in training. Good luck and keep us updated.

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I would keep the cushy job and get a per diem job to get more experience. I feel like you would regret giving up that cushy job when you're scheduled 7p-7:30a on December 24, 25, 26, and 31 for less money than you make now.


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