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How much training do you feel is appropriate for a new grad to be working the unit as the only RN?

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the ONLY RN? Are you working at a SNF? I work acute rehab and got my three months even though my unit tried to launch me out at 2 months cause I knew I needed more orientation to be successful



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If you have some VERY GOOD LPN staff avail, it might not be too awful. Even experienced CNAs. But there has to be some other strong staff avail.

Not acceptable is to be the ONLY nurse in the facility unless you were very experienced. I did work such a position. Not a bad job. But I had good staff with me.

It also depends on the level of pt acuity and special tasks/skills needed for pt care needs


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I have worked with new RNs who were at their first job in a LTC facility and they received no training. At one point an extremely (half a century!) experienced RN was brought in as the night shift house supervisor. This took a lot of pressure off the new RN. She then only had to really worry when the grey-haired RN was on her nights off. The charge nurses and house supervisor generally worked together as a very good team when necessary anyway. Then there were the reliable CNAs too.