Traditional VS Accelerated BSN


I will be graduating soon with my BS in Psych. I recently realized Nursing is where I want to be and now I'm starting to apply to schools but I was wondering, can I also apply to traditional nursing programs if I already have a BS in another degree?

You can apply to traditional programs...but you'll probably end up in school longer if you attend one because often credits don't transfer etc.


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You wouldn't necessarily be in school much longer (obviously the accelerated program is a shorter version than the traditional) but most accelerated programs require you have ALL your prereqs completed prior to beginning or even applying in some instances to the program. However; with the traditional program most allow you to concurrently enroll in prereqs and the core nursing classes provided you meet all application requirements and are chosen for acceptance. I would meet with an nursing advisor (academic advisor) at the nursing school of your choice to see the transfer equivalencies and find out how they accept nursing students (point system, GPA, TEAS scores, point system etc) then you know exactly what you're working with and where to set your goals with accelerated vs traditional! This is JMO though, good luck! :)


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A lot of times you would be in school longer b/c the nursing courses at many institutions have to be taken in the order that they list.