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This program is a nightmare!!! I have been to many interviews going on 3 months now. I'm breaking at the bend..

As soon as the interviewer hears that I'm on this program, they quickly rush me out the door. I live in Austin

a big city, so why is this so hard. I've had one person hire me on the spot, then retracted it when I stated I was on this program.

I also lost another job cause it took my caseworker over 2 weeks to call my potential employer back, they had to give the position to someone else. Even the list of "friendly" employers, end up being not to friendly. I really need some help on this. I'm not having any luck on my own. Im open to any suggestions, names of places would be great!!!

I didn't have much luck in Austin proper. Have you tried rural areas? I was successful in temple. Have you tried nursing homes?

Hi Xoeie 1013

My position is very similar to yours. I am also in the Austin area, enrolled in TPAPN after a DWI and after getting sober. I have been an ICU nurse for 20 plus years, now not allowed to work in critical care. Doing a little bit of home health nursing at Apicon. I certainly can relate to your predicament.


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Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it. A good point in the right direction. With speaking to people I have learned this program has a real bad reputation. I cant wrap my head around being so judged and tossed out like trash being related to this program.

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find caduses meetings phy.,nurses etc in recovery, network, besides it is a 12step meeting...

LTC and dialysis are stipulation friendly , best of luck and wishes for all !

This might be a good time to apply at Apicon because a position is becoming available.

Unless something has changed with TPAPN- I did not think you could do Home Health??

Try Austin State Supported Living Center or Austin State Hospital. I am a TPAPN nurse (10 days until I'm done OMG) employed with AUSSLC. It's a state position, so you need to apply through the state portal. I've posted the process in some older replies if you would like to search for them.

I am in TPAPN and doing home health visits, not private duty. The agency that employs me does not handle hospice cases so that is not an issue. I have to have a daily face to face encounter with a supervisor or another appointed person; there is a contract that states "no overtime, no call"and there is a bit of extra paperwork for the supervisor but not that much. Probably,if a TPAPN nurse had a history of diverting a home health job might not be approved. Unfortunately, most employers also are unaware that TPAPN nurses can do home health. And, I recall reading on the TPAPN website that home health was impossible for TPAPN nurses but that information is old.


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Thank you, Thank you!!! That is music to my ears!!! I will go and get that done ASAP!!! I needed to start work like yesterday.


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Thank you so much!!! I'm on that with a quickness!!!