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I am soon to start a new job in the Dallas area, and the closest TPAPN random drug screening is approx 8 miles away!! I don't know what to do with working a 12 hour day position and worrying about leaving the hospital to go test and come back and leaving my patients to someone else. I understand the rationale with random testing, but how does this all work?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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i have been away from nursing for 9 years, but i cannot imagine that the ability to leave for testing is ok if you work in a pt care area.

can you test before going to work?


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It really depends on where you work. I'm in TPAPN takes me an hour door to door to get back from a drug test. Its best to get to the place you will get tested right when they open so that you are in and out as fast as possible. I'm in med/surg and it generally hasn't been a problem for me, I just get a little behind and am playing catchup most of the day.


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have you spoken with your hospitals employee health. they might allow you to drop there, i know of several around here in tennessee that do. its worth a shot. goodluck

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You can take your UA drug screen at the place you work. TPAPN will send the cups, and you must take the forms with you everyday when you work. Your manager can collect it from you and they send it in using the cups and envelopes provided.


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I'm so glad I live in Missouri. I only have to do drug screens four times a year.

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I'm so glad I live in Missouri. I only have to do drug screens four times a year.

I really don't see that as a very good recovery/peer assistance program. Four times a year? And it's a recovering nurse? Working in a place where there's narcotics? With patients? wow.


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I don't think they really have "peer assistant programs" here in Mo. That is just what my BON settlement agreement required me to do.


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Dixiecup- I am new here and I cannot manage to PM anyone or anything, but I am desperately seeking a fellow Missouri RN who has been through this, can you please help me?? I was just confronted Dec 28, and I have no where to turn and no one to talk to, my so called "friends" all abandoned me after they heard what I did- I beg of your time... email me

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