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Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015


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Do you happen to know how many new grads were accepted into a unit?

Sorry, I don't know specifics--- I just heard it was around 30 total (I think).

Miramari - I spent weeks calling in trying to get some info about the timeline for offers and got nowhere speaking with HR. I had another offer on the table and felt that it needed full consideration that could only be achieved with a definitive answer from TMMC. It's disappointing that their HR department has been so slow in getting back to applicants who have not been offered positions. Best of luck for anyone else waiting to hear, but my suggestion is to shake it off and move on.

Maarcb, thanks for the info. Where did you find out about the length of the program? I have heard so many different versions. Unfortunately, I don't know how many new grads are being hired for each unit.

I was told that Pat Brienzo, the RN residency coordinator, will be contacting us with more details "soon". She did send me an email about ordering uniforms, and I received a call from HR to schedule my physical/paperwork days. If I get any more info, I'll update this. Good luck guys!

Annatalley. I found out on facebook. But I already did my assessment and got the uniforms ordered. It's a 2 step process for the tb test. So you'll be back again next wk. and you'll take a safety and disaster exam when you come back and follow up with your tb exam. Do you happen to know what time we start on March 9?

Maarcb, thank you. Is there a Facebook page for Torrance's Versant Program? I took the exams, and you're right. I go back this week for TB test #2. I am going to call Pat Brienzo this week to get more details about the program start. I will be sure to post any info she gives me here. Exciting and scary all at the same time! Looking forward to meeting you all.

Yes it is. I am too! If you can create a torrance versant facebook that'll help us out a lot thank you

Has anyone received any new emails/info from TMMC?

Also, there is a post under New Grad RN California about creating a FB page for all of us. Not sure if its been created yet. But its a great idea!!

Hello Versant 2015 peeps! I am creating a facebook page for us right now. If you have been accepted into the Torrance Memorial Versant RN Residency program for 2015, and are interested in joining, send me a message via facebook. The name of the group is Torrance Versant 2015. My facebook name is An Nais Sa. If you would rather email me on my gmail account, it is annatalley@gmail.com. Looking forward to connecting with you!


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Hello Versant cohort 15!

Annatalley, I will send you a message via facebook, as I have been offered a position in the ED for the program.

I finished my paperwork today, and I am due back for my second TB test next week.

I contacted Pat Brienzo today and she informed me that she will be sending out an email soon regarding the program.

See you all soon!