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  1. USC_hula

    USC FNP program

    Any update? I have heard from several applicants that no decisions have been released yet - even for the early decision applications!
  2. USC_hula

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Miramari - I spent weeks calling in trying to get some info about the timeline for offers and got nowhere speaking with HR. I had another offer on the table and felt that it needed full consideration that could only be achieved with a definitive answer from TMMC. It's disappointing that their HR department has been so slow in getting back to applicants who have not been offered positions. Best of luck for anyone else waiting to hear, but my suggestion is to shake it off and move on.
  3. USC_hula

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Any new news from any of the many many people checking this thread?
  4. USC_hula

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Congrats on getting offered a position in the new Versant cohort! I interviewed on January 21st with the panel and have not heard back yet. I called HR today and was told that the last group of interviews with the panel were conducted on this past Wednesday. I was also told that they have decided to open up 10 more positions than they had originally anticipated. With so many candidates and positions, I'm assuming it may be until the middle of next week when final decisions are made. As for the HR paperwork - After the one on one interview with the HR rep before the panel interview, candidates were given a packet of information that would be used once hired. It included a page on employee benefits and then a few pages of instruction on the background check they will perform and the medical screening test that will be set up before you start a position. I'm sure there will be more paperwork for you now that you're officially hired on, but that's just what you may have missed from the panel interview. Good luck with the program!