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  1. annatalley

    Schools for APRN, NP in Holistic/Integrative focus

    Hey there, I have been researching this as well, and have a few suggestions: 1) Go to the AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association) website and become a member, as this will provide a number of resources that might help to guide you on this path. https://www.ahna.org/ 2) Take a look at the AHNCC (American Holistic Nursing Credentialing Corporation) website, as they list programs that they endorse that focus on health and wellness coaching and holistic nursing. https://www.ahncc.org/ There are a number of programs that might provide you with the knowledge and certifications that you are seeking. The AHNA lists the education requirements needed to take the tests for certification in Holistic Nursing and Health and wellness Coaching. If you want to update me on your discoveries and journey, I would love to hear, as I am finding it difficult to parse through the bits of information out there and varying contents of the programs offered. If anybody else wants to chime in, I am all ears as to programs they have taken and successes or failures they have had pursuing this line of nursing.
  2. annatalley

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Hello again. It was brought to my attention that a Facebook page has already been started for us, so here is the link to that page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/871423359591844/ I will discontinue mine, so that we can all be on the same page.
  3. annatalley

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Hello Versant 2015 peeps! I am creating a facebook page for us right now. If you have been accepted into the Torrance Memorial Versant RN Residency program for 2015, and are interested in joining, send me a message via facebook. The name of the group is Torrance Versant 2015. My facebook name is An Nais Sa. If you would rather email me on my gmail account, it is annatalley@gmail.com. Looking forward to connecting with you! -Anna
  4. annatalley

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Maarcb, thank you. Is there a Facebook page for Torrance's Versant Program? I took the exams, and you're right. I go back this week for TB test #2. I am going to call Pat Brienzo this week to get more details about the program start. I will be sure to post any info she gives me here. Exciting and scary all at the same time! Looking forward to meeting you all.
  5. annatalley

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Maarcb, thanks for the info. Where did you find out about the length of the program? I have heard so many different versions. Unfortunately, I don't know how many new grads are being hired for each unit. I was told that Pat Brienzo, the RN residency coordinator, will be contacting us with more details "soon". She did send me an email about ordering uniforms, and I received a call from HR to schedule my physical/paperwork days. If I get any more info, I'll update this. Good luck guys!
  6. annatalley

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    For ID: if you bring your US passport, you don't need any other form of ID. If you use your driver's license, you will also need another form of ID such as Social Security Card, birth certificate, US citizen ID card (there's a list in the packet they gave us when we went in for our interview.
  7. annatalley

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Pay rate for BSN starts new grads at $34.77 hourly (12 hour day shift). I have had difficulty determining the length of the versant program. Does anybody know this?
  8. annatalley

    Torrance Memorial New Grad Feb. 2014

    I am scheduled for an interview on Jan. 14th. I was told to bring: -Transcripts (can be unofficial for now, but would need to turn in official ones prior to being hired) -2 letters of recommendation (1 from clinical instructor; 1 personal reference) -Resume -All certifications/licenses (i.e. RN license, BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc...) I was also told that I will need to take a 20 question med math test at some point during the interview process. The structure is a quick interview with the nurse recruiter, the med. math test, and a panel interview. Hope that helps, and good luck to all who are applying!
  9. Hi happyperson2. I was just accepted into the summer 2013 ABSN program at CSUN, and was wondering if you had any time for me to email you and "pick your brain" a bit, concerning this program. I understand you might be in the middle of the chaos, and if so, please do not feel obligated. As you can imagine, I am excited and anxious to know what to expect. If you are willing to answer some questions, and don't mind sharing your email address with me, my email address is: annatalley@gmail.com Either way, good luck to you!! -Anna
  10. I just got an acceptance email from CSUN for their ABSN summer 2013 program. I am waiting to hear from Concordia University's ABSN program as well, but I think, based on the tuition difference, CSUN is sounding more appealing. Does anybody have any feedback on the quality of the CSUN program? It seems Concordia and CSUN are very close in NCLEX pass rates for 2011/2012.