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Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

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Hi all,

I wanted to start a new thread of the Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

I went in for an interview last week with the oncology director and she seemed to really favor me and set me up for the panel interview on Wednesday 2/4/15 the day of my interview. Then she called me this Monday and said I was in the versant program and that I don't need to attend the panel interview!! Phew! I was starting to really study for the med math and interview questions! This is just too good to be true! She said she would call me today, but still haven't heard from her..

Did anyone go to the panel interview?

When will I need to do HR paperwork and what is required?

Any feedback on the program or interviewing process would be helpful!

(I know orientation starts March 9th)

Thank you! :cat:

Congrats on getting offered a position in the new Versant cohort! I interviewed on January 21st with the panel and have not heard back yet. I called HR today and was told that the last group of interviews with the panel were conducted on this past Wednesday. I was also told that they have decided to open up 10 more positions than they had originally anticipated. With so many candidates and positions, I'm assuming it may be until the middle of next week when final decisions are made.

As for the HR paperwork - After the one on one interview with the HR rep before the panel interview, candidates were given a packet of information that would be used once hired. It included a page on employee benefits and then a few pages of instruction on the background check they will perform and the medical screening test that will be set up before you start a position. I'm sure there will be more paperwork for you now that you're officially hired on, but that's just what you may have missed from the panel interview.

Good luck with the program!

Any new news from any of the many many people checking this thread?

Yes I was called last week being offered a position in the emergency department. I followed up with hr when we were suppose to get a call. And when I called apparently she was going to call me that day lol. But keep your head up. Heard they're still calling. They're accepting 30-35 ppl into the program


I received a voicemail on 2/7 to simply call back at a certain phone number. I called back, no answer, so left a message. I waited until 2/10, called HR, and received an offer for one of the ICUs. I was told that they will be calling all candidates interviewed, for both offers and rejections. Good luck everyone, and excited to meet everyone in this cohort!!!! :)

Congrats stinaj! Excited to meet all of you too. When is your appointment to go in? Do you remember what we suppose to bring when we go to hr?

Thanks _maarcb, congrats to you too! I believe I am coming in either the 2nd or 4th for new hire paperwork. I was planning on calling HR back to verify the documents--she definitely said to bring transcripts, and proof to work (which I was unsure of). I'll update after I call!

She said the same thing. But I already gave them my official transcript. And she's asking me for it again. But just keep me posted. Thank you!

Hear anything from HR?

Hear anything from HR?

So, I called HR this morning. The woman said to bring two forms of ID, some sort of proof of license, and immunization records... Simple enough!

Thank you so much for starting this thread! I was accepted into the Versant Program a few weeks ago and am SOOOOO excited and happy!! I cant wait to meet you all :)

Does anyone know what is the pay rate for the new grads in the versant program? And how many new grads do each unit take?

Pay rate for BSN starts new grads at $34.77 hourly (12 hour day shift). I have had difficulty determining the length of the versant program. Does anybody know this?

For ID: if you bring your US passport, you don't need any other form of ID. If you use your driver's license, you will also need another form of ID such as Social Security Card, birth certificate, US citizen ID card (there's a list in the packet they gave us when we went in for our interview.

Thank you annatalley. The length of the program is 20-22wks long. And do you happen to know. How many new grads for each unit? Example: 2 new grads in pcu, 3 new grads in medsurg, etc..

Congrats to all of you for getting hired! Just have a quick question for USC_hula, have you heard back from HR? I spoke to them last week and they said they would be calling all who were interviewed but I just haven't heard anything.

Pay rate for BSN starts new grads at $34.77 hourly (12 hour day shift). I have had difficulty determining the length of the versant program. Does anybody know this?

In the job description, it says the program is 18 weeks..!

Do you happen to know how many new grads were accepted into a unit?