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  1. I know the job search is very discouraging as a New Grad, but dont give up!! I recently accepted a New Grad position in the ICU after (what seemed like) thousands of applications, phone calls, and a few interviews. It definitely IS POSSIBLE!! it sounds like you have been very proactive with your certifications and although you dont have the work experience, you show motivation and ambition. Hang in there and keep being persistent. It is possible!! Good luck!
  2. RNTracy

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Has anyone received any new emails/info from TMMC? Also, there is a post under New Grad RN California about creating a FB page for all of us. Not sure if its been created yet. But its a great idea!!
  3. RNTracy

    New Grad Job Outlook

    Hi!! I do not have any experience or knowledge about CO, but I do have some insight on applying and being a New Grad. First, I suggest making a list of all hospitals in the area of CO you are moving to and find out when their application openings are. Most hospitals only have the applications open for a short time and you may miss them if you aren't organized. I would apply to as many and all you see that interest you. The general New Grad search is tough with a ton of competition, but as long as you're persistent and aggressive with your search, you will find something. ICU is definitely a possibility as a New Grad! I was hired into a New Grad ICU Residency :) So definitely go for it. Immediately after you pass NCLEX, contact CO and get the steps going to have your license transferred. If its like anything in CA, it can take forever! Good luck to you!!!!
  4. RNTracy

    Torrance Memorial Versant Residency RN Program FEB 2015

    Thank you so much for starting this thread! I was accepted into the Versant Program a few weeks ago and am SOOOOO excited and happy!! I cant wait to meet you all :)
  5. RNTracy

    Too old? Too young?? Career? Question:)

    I decided to pursue nursing after my BA in another field at age 30 and it was the best decision of my life. Not only was I accomplishing a dream, but I feel that due to my age I was able to be more responsible and committed to excelling in school. Personally, My younger twenty something self wouldn't have been ready to conquer such a demanding and stressful school curriculum. I am 33 now, have my Bachelors in Nursing, and landed my dream job in the ICU as an RN. I feel if you really have a passion, you will pursue it no matter what age you are.
  6. RNTracy

    The "B" word. Again!

    Yikes, that looks and sounds cold!!! Dare I tell you that it is currently 80 degrees out and sunny in CA?!? Send some of that snow to us, we need the water!!! Somehow we should get it shipped here and help both of us out :) I hope you fellow Nurses stay warm and are able to get to/from work safely!!
  7. RNTracy

    My plan Need Advice please:)

    You'll figure out which units you prefer as you start volunteering. Keep in mind that there are so many facets to Nursing and bedside is only one of them, but they are all equally as rewarding. So many options!! I went to WCU and had a great experience. The cost is scary, but the education really prepared me. Take your pre req classes at a comm college and transfer into WCU, itll save ya some money :) Good luck to you!
  8. RNTracy

    My plan Need Advice please:)

    Hi! It seems as though you are very ambitious about working in the medical field, which is great!! My advice to you is to do exactly what you said and start volunteering in local hospitals. Which area interests you the most? There are a ton of local hospitals in OC that take volunteers right out of high school (St. Judes, CHOC, St.Joes, Mission, Hoag...just some ideas) I highly recommend that. I would also go to Santa Ana College and sit down with a counselor and map out the pre req classes you need so you can stay on track and get those done as soon as possible. Santa Ana will get you your ADN license, which is good, but with the competition in the Nursing job market, Id highly recommend you consider a BSN program. Some local schools that offer a BSN are Cal State Fullerton, Long Beach State, or private Universities like WCU or Concordia. These schools can be expensive, but at 17 you have not only Grant money you can use but are eligible for SO many scholarships, so use your resources!! Every school has counselors and financial aid help, so find which school interests you and GO FOR IT! Sit down with them and see which route is best for you. Also, taking the pre reqs at a community college will be a cheaper route. Just some ideas! I know going for a dream can be overwhelming, but just do as best as you can and stay focused. You are still so young and have so much opportunity, so go for it! Good luck!!!!
  9. RNTracy

    NCLEX befuddled

    The number of questions you get on NCLEX does not determine pass/faill rates or doesnt determine how smart/dumb you are! I know many people who got 75 and failed and I know many who have gotten 265 and passed. Don't let the number freak you out, it doesnt determine your success! Your name should post to the BRN site within 48 hours. I personally felt the same and was afraid to try the trick and it not work correctly, so I waited it out and am happy I did. It posted 48 hours later! Think positive!
  10. RNTracy

    Pointers Wanted! Help with frequent flyers!

    What I found that works for my Frequent Fliers (especially the younger ones) is to set a timer. Depending on their reason for visiting, I set a timer and tell them "you have two minutes in here today, once this goes off, back to class you go." I havent had a child argue with me yet. But, I have also included the teacher and parents if I find the visits to be very excessive.
  11. Truthfully, I would still take the classes and figure it out when the time comes. I recently graduated from school and when I look back on the last 3 years I don't know how I was able to do it all, but it all worked out. I traveled all over the World and was in 5 weddings during nursing school and was able to graduate Cum Laude. I'm not tooting my own horn, but I learned that if you really want something, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. I cant tell you how many times I dragged 5 heavy books on road trips and studied, it wasn't fun, but as all of nursing school is, its a commitment and takes a lot of dedication and it worked. There are always going to be barriers, but it is up to you how you challenge and overcome them. "Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but they promised it would be worth it." -unknown
  12. RNTracy

    Wish List

    I would ask for a nice, spacious fridge/freezer! At my school we use the mini freezer which works fine but only holds about 6 ice packs and that isnt nearly enough for a busy day of bumps and bruises. To save money on budget, we use sponges soaked in water and freeze those. The kids love em!
  13. RNTracy

    In need of advice

    I heard this many times during my Nursing School journey and I completely understand how you feel. But, you have to remember that it isn't a race. It is you and your goals and should be on your time schedule, however you seem it should be. I always felt so much pressure from others who didn't understand and it was tough. But, I did it on my own time and I wouldn't have changed it any other way. It's your goals and dreams and you should set forth the plan, however you seem fit! Good luck to you. You will get there!!
  14. RNTracy

    Not one but two job offers today!

    What great advice! I will definitely be reading this often and taking your advice. THANK YOU!
  15. RNTracy

    Not one but two job offers today!

    WOW, Congrats!! Stories like this remind me that although the job hunt can be heart wrenching, it can and will also work out! So happy for you. Do you have any insight or advice for a new grad on the job search? Any advice or tips on interviewing? Thanks!