Tools of the trade?


Ok, I'll admit... I'm a bit of a technophobe. So is my hubby. We just got texting capabilities on our cellphones!:yeah: (only because our 17 year old and 12 year old were begging like maniacs).

ANYWAY, I'm reading about all these helpful 'apps' such as epocrates.. And, well, I'm lost. Our cell phone contract expires in June, so I'm going to hit hubby up to buy me the 'big guns' so to speak. But I need to be armed with all the good/relevant info.

I'm going to be starting FNP clinicals this fall, and I want/need the appropriate tools. I'm nervous enough as it is!

I need some recommendations please!

Thank you!

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My vote: iPhone!

Look in the mobile computing forum for a list of great apps and more techno info.

For me, I carry an iPhone and a pager, a pen, Maxwell's (little book about forms and just a hodgepodge of info that I need when I dictate), if I'm doing peds, I carry Tarascon's peds book but for the most part, I see adults so I have the apps I need on my iPhone.


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I'm a former Treo "aholic" and I've converted to the iPhone. I have a job, but haven't started yet BUT the following apps and programs helped me enormously in clinicals.

Pepid: $$$ great drug program with differentials, lab results information, ICD9 coding, differentials, etc.

Epocrates : FREE for basic information, including a pill identifier application that is helpful for those patients who take a "round yellow pill and an oblong pink pill"

Monthly prescribing reference = FREE for iphone and other PDAs.

Medscape = FREE for PDA's, iphone, etc.

I just think one device that has it all is great for NPs. I encountered no clinical sites that restricted a phone device. Since I have a school aged kid who needed to check in with me after school while I was still in clinic, I appreciated the ability to have her send me a quick text to tell me she was home and fine without interrupting my clinical day.

With almost any of the PDAs now, you are going to have to pay for a monthly data package. The iphone will be 30.00 extra per month. I would recommend you just purchase an unlimited family texting plan as well.


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I would recommend either a Palm Pre or iPhone. Try the PEPID 2 week free trial. It is slightly more expensive than the other products but it is also far superior with much better tools.


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Great idea

Keep them coming. Already looking at all the previous ideas.


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My program required we have a PDA. At the time I really couldn't afford one but they insisted. So I got the iphone for duel usage. I love it. Both as a phone and a PDA.

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iPhone, hands down. I had a blackberry and it couldn't handle the apps I needed. I loved my Palm Tungsten back in the day, but the iPhone beats pretty much any smartphone on the market IMO, including the Droid (which I looked at -very- hard!)