Took the TEAS the second time....

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First test: 66.7%

Second test: 69.3%

SERIOUSLY?! What is wrong with me?!

It's so hard to accept because my health science GPA is a 3.9 (my school looks at that and the TEAS Score).

Perhaps the way I study isn't working? I chose to do it over midterms so you should understand that distributing my time evenly for each class + this test was difficult if I wanted to get As in all of them. Thus, this test became my least priority and I only gave myself about two weeks to study. I thought that maybe reading the ATI-TEAS workbook and the Kaplan would help as well as being able to do a last minute practice test the night before. It's obvious that I didn't do enough practice test and each of my averages totaled to a 70%.

The the things that I did worse in were:

-READING COMPREHENSION: Paragraph and passage comprehension (a whopping 47.4% from a 52% on my first test) but my overall score was a 69%

-MATH: My math went up from 40% (I actually ran out of time on my first test) and it went up to 63.3%. The main ones that I got stuck on were measurement, numbers and operations, and algebraic applications. Math is my weakest subject and I avoid it all the time because I hate feeling incompetent.

-SCIENCE: this went down too from a 77% to a 75% and I thought I was good in science???? I just took my first organic chemistry exam and I scored a 103/100 and I was the highest in class so WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! I love science!!! I got a 100% on AP but the most ugly ratings were for Earth/Physical Science as well as scientific reasoning. How can I improve my scientific reasoning?? I don't know how to study for that...

-ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE USAGE: My percentage of grammar and word meanings in a context went down from an 80% to a 66.7%. Jesus, did I all of a sudden forget how to speak or understand English during my exam or something?! The rest were 88.9 for spelling/punctuation and 100% on structure.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? I have my THIRD try reserved on December 7 this year. THIS WILL BE MY LAST CHANCE to apply for my nursing program who only has 30 seats per fall semester (they don't offer their program in spring). I need to show them that not only am I good with my GPA but I can be competitive too. Lastly, I need to score in the mid-80's to be considered competitive but a 90% is what I prefer.

Any suggestions on studying habits, corrections on what I'm doing wrong, and academic advising will all be welcomed.

Thanks for reading :(:blink:

Have you taken the Practice Exams (both in the ATI study guide and the McGraw-Hill "5 Practice TEAS Exams")? They are very useful for giving you the "actual exam experience". My only thought is that maybe you are over-anxious during the exam (which is very common).

Looks like you have a few months before your next try. I would recommend planning a study strategy, like 2 hours a day minimum, and systematically plow through the material in the study guide(s). Looking at your previous scores, I would concentrate on the Math and English sections. In the Math, work on being accurate and fast. It's just repetition, you will get faster the more problems you do. With the English, study Vocab and Spelling lists, and learn all the rules in the ATI guide for commas, simple vs. compound sentences, etc.

As for the Reading Comp, just relax and read, then answer the questions. It sounds simple, but often in the test situation we get nervous and don't answer the question they ask. I did this in the Reading Comp section and was kicking myself for making such a silly mistake.

Sounds to me like you just need practice taking sample exams, and I think after a few of them, you will be much more comfortable with the real thing and will do fine. Your scores are not too far from what you need to get, and you do have a couple of months to study. You can do it! Good Luck.

That test was hard, I got the same score as your 2nd try and my science GPA is phenomenal. My 2nd try, I did better doing the written format.

Wow! At least you have a third try we only get two tries. You'll get it this time. Just put the time in and study I the areas where you need it.

I have a 4.0 on the sciences, studied about an hour a day for a month and only got a 79. It's tough. My sugestion would be take all the practace tests you can get your hands on. Then you will know where you are weak and you can work on that. That's how I approached it. Studied till I was consistantly passing the practace tests.

Don't worry. You will pass your TEAS as long as you study and do the best you can. See where you are going wrong. Try doing the "practice test" in the back of the TEAS book study guide as if it were the actual test and see how you score on there (that's what I did). Depending upon how well you did you will now know what to study. For example I didn't do well on the chemistry section so I decided to brush up on chemistry. If you have a couple of months before you take it you should do well as long as you see where you went wrong & fix it! Try taking a TEAS test course. Best of luck though!

I thought the McGraw-Hill 5 TEAS tests book was really helpful. It pretty accurately predicted what I ended up with on my actual test.

I agree with edatri

I thought the McGraw-Hill 5 TEAS tests book was really helpful. It pretty accurately predicted what I ended up with on my actual test.

Good to hear, I ordered that book from Amazon and it will be here this week! :)

Please pray for me!!! My second retake is this Sat!!! I've been consistently taking the McGraw Hill practice tests and the ones in the ATI study manual.

Thanks in advance!!

Will keep you in my prayers!!! You can do it!!!!!

I took the Teas test today and I didnt do as well as I expected. So, what I plan on doing for the retake is print out my results and practice in the areas that it show that im weak. Any other suggestions???? I have the Ati study manuel, should I purchase anything else???

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