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hi everyone,

I took my 5th nlex-rn test today and not sure of passing it.

honestly i didnt practice such and havent came across it im my practice questions, sometime i will know an answer to a question after clicking next.

It happened to me on my 4th test and happened again now for more than 3 questions.

I have gone tru kaplan, use all thier materials which were useful but didnt pass. have use saunders cd, nlex 3500, and exam cram both the text book and cd still did not pass. my first exam i had 75, 2nd time 93, 3rd time 75, 4th time 75 and this 5th time 75 in less than two hrs.

pls can you guys help me out im loosing hope.

The 5th result is not out but im not sure of passing it bc of my mistakes, i dont know what is wrong with me.

pls someone shld help me, im comfused.



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Wait for your results before you start looking at another study plan.


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Im still hanging, someone shld pls tell me how to start reading again.

I havent seen my name in my BON website. i have tried the pearson trick and it allowed me all tru to the paying page, which means it has happened again. I just bought the Lacharity textbook, thank you guys so much for replying my thread about this book. pls can someone direct me on how to start preparing for the 6th heart is bleeding:crying2:.



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First of all, don't lose all hope! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE walks out of that exam feeling like they failed it. Do not worry about what you should do as far as studying for your next exam when you haven't even seen your current results. I know. Easier said than done. You never know though...maybe you passed!!

If you find out you failed, please take a week off for yourself. Stress is a huge factor for disturbing the mental process. Take a week, go to the beach, get a massage or go to the gym. Then come back to the books with a fresh mind. Decide a test date, then plan a study plan accordingly. Remember-you can always postpone the exam if you feel you are not ready when the date gets closer. Setting a date allows you to have a focused goal, and a steady studying schedule to meet that goal.

I recommend not focusing solely on a comprehensive book or on questions or on just one book/study material. There are plenty of study materials out there for the NCLEX-RN exam. You just need to find a couple that fit you the best.

I found through experience that the Kaplan course was great as far as preparing me for the type of questions NCLEX would give me i.e. prioritization questions. The Kaplan and Saunders comprehensive books were great for referring back to diseases, medications, etc that I was unsure of. However, I would not even bother with Saunder's comprehensive questions because they're solely content and not the analysis questions NCLEX gives you. Saunder's Q&A book from experience and word of mouth, seemed easier than the Kaplan questions. Sometimes you just need a break though from extremely hard questions like Kaplan and that's when I went through Saunders Q&A. Exam cram is a book I highly recommend getting. It's only $30 at barnes, and includes 5 exams, a cheat sheet in the front, as well as a CD. The CD is great for first time test takers and even repeat examinations b/c it has a CAT exam much the same way NCLEX works. It gives you questions based on your weak areas, and then shuts off when it feels it has determined a pass or fail "grade". It tells you in the end an analysis and whether you're above or below average. I do not recommend waiting until the last minute to utilize the CD because it WILL cause anxiety prior to your exam if you do poorly. A massage the day before the exam always works. (Knew one nurse who failed 5 times and passed his 6th because his failing was due to anxiety.)

LASTLY, walk into that exam room with confidence. Keep saying outloud the day before and the day of your next exam, I WILL PASS. You will still have butterflies in your stomach, but a positive attitude will help your drive to success. A tip from another nurse also helped me to focus-a rubber band on your wrist. A little snap and you're back in study mode.

Hope this helps. AND DONT GIVE UP. You paid all this money for nursing school....have a passion to be a not let an exam stop you. The exam is not a factor of whether or not you're going to be a good nurse... it's a lot about being a good test taker and learning the NCLEX ropes. YOU CAN DO IT!


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I took the nclex July 3, and passed with 75 questions the first time. I went into the test with confidence. I kept telling myself, if 85% pass the first time, I want to be in that group. I prayed and asked God to give me favor. I truly believe the nclex is more a mind game than anything else. If you can control your anxiety and believe in yourself, you too will pass. You have all the knowledge from nursing school. I know you can do this!


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hey guys..i feel like a failure..i have failed my exam 3 seems like my losing hope..dnt know where to start a bad test taker dont know what happened.. i thought i was doing weelll but now i know that when i feel like im doing well that mean something is wrong..plzz help..


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I would recommend you attend Nurse Review Inc. Located In Madison, Wisconsin. I have heard that many people who attend there pass if not the whole class.


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hey ilove,

i live in california..n i tried kaplan, nursing extensive, nothing seems to work for u know any better review in ca..thank you


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Actually Nurse Review Inc is moving their location to California. So, I recommend that you contact them for more information about that. I was in the same boat as your in. This review was the only thing that helped me! Good luck on your next exam! If you put your mind to passing, YOU WILL PASS!!!


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how did you prepared urself?

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