Took NET today but still wondering...

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What is the point of the reading rate stuff and study skill study etc. :uhoh3:

I was so worried about the math i really was but it was ok, I am glad i reviewed, BUt I am wondering because on reading i left 3 BLANK was that a bad move do u get penalize for not answering questions, :imbar , I am quite sure i missed the first one on the reading. How do i know because once that part of testing was over as i was looking up i seen the girl by me had a diff answer so i look at other girl on other side she also had same as other girl. I refuse to change it, i know it cheating. Boy when u know GOd he will convict u on the spot whne u think of doing wrong :rotfl: . I just pray i did ok:)


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Just wanted to wish you luck, and i'll say an extra prayer for ya!


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Lots of prayers for you Denetra. :) How soon will you get your results?

I don't *think* you get penalized for unanswered questions. At least that was how it was with the NLN. They said if we don't know or are unsure, skip it. Come back to it after you have finished all of the rest. I know it didn't count FOR you when you skipped it, but didn't hurt you either, as long as their was a minimum number of questions answered. I was shocked at how little time was given to complete them. I think the math portion I only got 2/3 of the way through because of time, and since we couldn't use calculators.

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You asked about the reading rate and study skills read out. When we took the NET, it was used as a tool to show us our weaknesses and strengths rather than an actual admissions exam. Ours was computerized and we got a score sheet printout immediately that told the whole story.

No you don't get penalized for blanks but even a wild guess is better than a blank.

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